The Texas Revolution

  • Land Offer

    Land Offer
    The spanish allow Moses Austin to make a colony in Tejas.
  • Period: to

    Texas Revolution

  • Death of Moses

    Death of Moses
    Moses Austin dies. His son decides to chase his fathers dream. He was going to find a colony in Texas.
  • Mexico Outlaws Slavery

    Mexico Outlaws Slavery
    Mexico Outlaws slavery which makes slave owners very mad. They wanted to maintain slavery so they could grow cotton.
  • Population Swells

    Population Swells
    The colony grew to 25,000 people in 1830.
  • War Begins

    War Begins
    Austin went to Mexico City to propose a list to the government mostly saying that texas wanted to be an independent self- governing state within mexico. Santa anna heard of the letter and Austin said if his meets werent met he would rebel!
  • Rebel!

    Santa anna placed Austin in jail... furious texans were ready to attack! Santa anna sent troops over to Gonzales to seize a cannon. The texans hung a flag over it that said " Come and get it ". The texans defended and won!
  • Attack

    Santa anna attacks San antonio. After 12 voilent days, mexico has provailed.
  • Discussing

    Texans met at a settlement called Washington on the Brazos. They discussed on what to do about Santa Annas troops.
  • Rebel Part Duex

    Rebel Part Duex
    A small force was led to fight off Santas army which was lead by James Fannin.