Texas flag

The Texas Revolution

  • Spain Land Offers

    Spain Land Offers
    To incourage settlement, the Spainish government decides to offer large pieces of land to settlers. Picture- Moses Austin
  • Period: to

    The Texas Revolution

    This is the pieriod of time where Texas joined Mexico, rebeled and became its own independent state, and then joined the United States of America.
  • Mexico Becomes Free From Spain

    Mexico Becomes Free From Spain
    Mexico gains its independence from Spain and Tejas, what Spainish settlers call modern day Texas, became part of the new country of Mexico.
  • Mexico Bans Slavery

    Mexico Bans Slavery
    Mexico bans slavery angering many slave owners in Texas. With out their slaves, cotton production would be impossible. From this time on tensions with Mexicans and Texans. Texans believed they were supierior to the Mexicans and that they should get special privileges. When the Texans threatened revolution, the Mexican goverment cracked down, closing the state to American imagrants, required Texans to pay taxes, and sent more Mexican troops to Texas.
  • Population Increase in Texas

    By now, the population of Texas has swelled to around 25,000. American imagrants now outnumber the Tejanos, Spainish born natives of modern day Texas or what they called Tejas, six to one.
  • The President of Mexico Throws Stephen Austin In Jail

    The President of Mexico Throws Stephen Austin In Jail
    Austin goes to Mexico City to talk to the President of Mexico, Santa Anna. Austin presents Santa Anna with a list of reforms and urges him to let Texas become a self-governing state within Mexico. Santa Anna agrees with most of these reforms, but he finds out that Autsin wrote a letter that said if he didn't let Texas become a self-governing state within Mexico, then he would support the Texas Revolution. Santa Anna was outraged and through Austin in prison for a year. Picture- Santa Anna
  • The Revolution Begins

    The Revolution Begins
    Santa Anna sends troops to march on the town of Gonzales. Their orders are to take a cannon that the Texans used for protection angainst Native American attacks. The Texans hang a flag over the cannon that says "Come And Take It", but the Mexicans never do. In December of that year, the Texans drive the Mexicans out of Gonzales.
  • The Alamo

    The Alamo
    Santa Anna and the Mexican army marched into the town of San Antonio. The very next day the six thousand or so men of the Mexican army began they're attack on the one hundred and eighty men defending the Alamo. It would be a long siege that would end in a defeat for the Texan army. All one hundred and eighty men would die that day. Among the dead would include William Travis, the leader at the Alamo, and James Bowie and Davied Crockett both famous frontier men. Picture- The Alamo
  • A Meeting At Washington-on-the-Brazos

    A Meeting At Washington-on-the-Brazos
    Texans meet at a settlement called Washington-on-the-Brazos to figure out what to do about Santa Anna oncoming army. They decide to declare Texas an independent state, free of Mexico, and they appoint Sam Houston to lead the Texan army. Picture- Sam Houston
  • A Meeting At Wahington-on-the-Brazos Day Two

    The meeting of the Texans took place for two days. Here the Texans also decided that an old missionary would have to pose as a fort. This place was called the Alamo. It was the only fort standing between the Mexican army and the Texan settlements.
  • Surprise Attack At San Jacinto

    Surprise Attack At San Jacinto
    The Texan army, lead by Sam Houston, launches a surprize attack on Santa Anna and his men at San Jacinto. In about eighteen minutes, The Texan army kills nearly half the Mexican army and take Santa Anna prisoner when he was forced to sign a treaty to give Texas its freedom. Picture- Battle of San Jacinto
  • Texas Gains Its Independence

    Texas Gains Its Independence
    Texas is now and independent state, free from anyone. It raies its new official flag and elects Sam Houston as its first president.