the texas revolution

  • land offer

    land offer
    to encourage settlement, spanish government offers large pieces of land to settlers.
  • austin arrived in texas

    austin arrived in texas
    mexico successfully gained independence from spain
  • slavery outlawed

    slavery outlawed
    slave owners became angry when mexico outlawed slaves
  • tejanos out numbered

    tejanos out numbered
    the population swelled to about 25000, with americans outnumbering the tejanos six to one .
  • Austin in mexico city

    Austin in mexico city
    austin went to mexico city to oresent a list of repuested reforms of mexican officials
  • mexico wants a fight

    mexico wants a fight
    mexican soliders marched down to gozales
  • independence declared

    independence declared
    texas declared independence from mexico causing the battle of the Alamo, the republic of texas formed
  • the alamo began

    the alamo began
    Santa Annas troops surrounded San antonio
  • a settlement

    a settlement
    texans met at a settlement called washington-on-the-Brazos to decide what to do about Santa Anna's troops
  • texas...........free

    they decide to declare texas a free and independent republic