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Russian Revolution

  • Mensheviks and Bolsheviks Split

    Mensheviks and Bolsheviks Split
    The democratic party of Russia splits into two seperate parties, the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks. Vladimir Lenin headed the Bolshevik Party while Julius Martov headed the Menshevik Party.
  • Japan Defeates Russia

    Japan Defeates Russia
    The Japanese defeated Russia in the Russo-Japanese war, and as a result the Russians began to lose confidence in their Tsar. They thought they would mercilessly beat Japan but they were defeated.
  • Bloody Sunday

     Bloody Sunday
    Ruthless massacre of hundreds of unarmed protestors in St. Petersburg. This brutal killing led to massive strikes and demonstrations within the empire.
  • General Strike

    General Strike
    The Tsar promises a constitution after the General Strike sweeps through Russia.
  • Court Martial Punishes many

    Court Martial Punishes many
    The government creates a special courts martial to deal with political incidents; over 60,000 are executed, imprisoned or exiled by the system.
  • Duma operatives are arrested

    Duma operatives are arrested
    Bolshevik members in Duma are arrested, tried and exiled to Siberia.
  • Protest against World War I

    Protest against World War I
    The Spartacus League decided to come out into the open and organized an organized a demonstration against the First World War in Berlin. Several leaders were imprisioned.
  • Bloody Sunday Rememrance

    Bloody Sunday Rememrance
    The Bolsheviks party increased to 24,000 members and they organized a demonstration in remembrance for Bloody sunday. Most of the Bolshevik leaders were in prison.
  • Bolshevik Insurrection

    Bolshevik Insurrection
    Bolshevik workers break into various police stations and cut the telephone wires to government offices. The bolsheviks and the armed forces got into multiple armed conflicts.
  • Nicholas II

    Nicholas II
    Nicholas II abdicted his throne which then lead to the formation of a Provisionasl Government. At the time both the Provisional Government and the worker soviets existed and there was a duality of power.
  • General Komilov

    General Komilov
    Supported by the capitalists and the landlords, threatened to seize power to crush the worker's movement. he was defeated by the Bolsheviks.
  • Bolshevik's In Power

    Bolshevik's In Power
    Pro-Bolshevik soldiers and Red Guard marched towards the Winter Palace and arrested members of the Provisional Government. This is often called a Bloodless Coup that put the Bolshevik's in power.
  • Phase 2 of Russian Revolution

    Phase 2 of Russian Revolution
    Vladimir Lenin led to his leftist revolutionaries in an uprising in Petrograd against the ineffective Kerensky Provisional Government.
  • Soviet Secret Police

    Soviet Secret Police
    The Soviet Secret police was created one day after the Russian Revolution, and it was entirely composed of Bolsheviks for a period of time until it was altered. The Secret Soviet Police was to defend the revolution.
  • Mutiny of the Troops

    Mutiny of the Troops
    80,000 troops revolted against the Russian Army causing massive looting and widespread rioting. This put the entire country into chaos.
  • Bolsheviks

    Bolsheviks take over Moscow.