ED 253 Timeline

Timeline created by jberg0190
  • First Free School in Virginia Opens

    The first free(public) school in Virginia opens. This is the most important event in the beginning of education in North America. The colonies did not gain their independence yet and were still under British rule, yet they still felt it was necessary to open a school to educate their children. Without the opening of this school, we might not have schools today and then there would not be a need for teachers.
  • Harvard College Opens

    The opening of this college meant a chance for higher education for people. Today college degrees are basically a necessity to get by in the world. It is hard to find a good job without a college degree. Harvard College has withstood the test of time and still is a major university today.Harvard is regarded as one of the top schools in the United States. The fact that it was been open for almost 400 years is a testament to need for higher education.
  • Firs Public Schoolly Supported Library in the U.S. Opens

    This library opened in Charles Town, South Carolina. The main point about this event is that this library is publicly supported. The community must have felt it was necessary to open and support a library. Libraries are necessary for learning because they facilitate reading. Reading is a primary was to help a child learn and the opening of a library shows the importance of reading to that community.
  • Christopher Dock Publishes his Book

    Dock's book, Schul-Ordnung, is published. The title of this book translates to school management. This was the first book ever published that focused primarily on methods of teaching. This book was probably one of the first books that was regarded as important in teacher education. Dock must have felt it was necessary to share his thoughts on education with others. This books probably led to the open discussion between teachers of methods of teaching which is very important today.
  • Congress Ratifies the Treaty of Paris(1783)

    The ratification of this treaty officially ended the American Revolution. This treaty made officiial that the United States of America are an independent nation which can govern itself. This gave the independence to govern however the elected saw fit. This is important to education because it meant that American teachers could educate however they wanted because America became an independent nation.
  • First State Funded School for Teacher Education Opens

    This school opened in Lexington, Massachusetts. With the opening of this school it gave future teachers a formal education teacher education. This started the movement towards giving future teachers a chance to learn how to be effective teachers and gave them the training that was necessary.
  • Massachusetts Enacts the First Manadatory Attendance Law

    This law required students to go to school so many days a year. Without this law children probably would not attend school as frequently as they do today. This made sure that there were students in the classrooms. I think this shows how important education was to the government officials in Massachusetts. This definitely gave the idea to other states to enact laws similar to this one.
  • Brown vs Board of Education

    This event in history is important to many things, but mainly education. This stopped the segregation of schools and allowed people of different races to learn together in the same classroom. This allowed the students to not only learn together but also to learn from each other.This was one of the most important events in the history of education.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s Speech

    Martin Luther King Jr. gave his I Have a Dream speech on this day. This was one of the biggest events in American history. Dr. King was a great man who fought for what he believed in. His speech led to the eventual equality of people of different colors. His speech is still studied in schools today and is a major part of American history.
  • My Parents Got Married

    This is the date of my parents wedding day. If they did not get married then I would have never been born. Since they got married and I was born that made me who I am today. Without them I would not be the same person I am. Part of me wanting to become a teacher comes from them getting married and raising me to become the person I am today.
  • Started going to Preschool at St. Ursula

    This was my first time ever in a learning environment. I was in this school for ten years. I started in preschool and I stayed here all the way through eighth grade when I graduated in 2004. Going to school here had a huge impact on my life.
  • Mrs. Hoffbauer was my Teacher

    Mrs. Hoffabuer was one of the most influential teachers on my life. I had her for preschool and kindergarten. She was the nicest teacher I have ever had and I think she helped my adaptation into school and helped me to cope with being away from homefor a full school day. I still talk to her today about advice for becoming a teacher and effective ways to teach kids. She has been a major influence on my life.
  • 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

    This was the first real national tragedy that I was aware of. I remember I was in sixth grade and I just notice that a bunch of my classmates were being taken out of school by their parents. I was not aware of what happened until later that day when I got home and my mom told what happened. Since I was on the younger side, I did not fully understand what was going and it was kind of surreal. I do not remember feeling any kind of sadness I was just amazed that something like this could happen.
  • Mrs. Heyl Tutoring

    Mrs. Heyl was my math teacher in seventh and eighth grade. I struggled with math in these two years. I was in seventh grade in 2003 and eighth in 2004. She would stay after school with me everyday to help me with math and give me private tutroing lessons. She really helped me to understand math. Throughout highschool my math grade never dropped below a 95% and I attribute that to Mrs. Heyl. I still talk with her today.
  • Graduated from Eighth Grade

    I graduated from St. Ursula grade school. I spent ten years of my life here and this was the place where all of my learning occured. I had so many great memories here and made many friends, who I am still friends with today. When I graduated I realized that I would being going to a new school for the first time ever.
  • Began Coaching Soccer

    I began coaching soccer as an assisstant coach for my dad. he was coaching the carsity team at my grade school. This is really my first experience of teaching something to people who were younger than me. I learned a lot from working with the kids and I think this was the first thing that put the idea of teaching into my head.
  • Mr. Lyons was my history teacher

    Mr. Lyons was an influential teacher on me wanting to become a teacher. He was the worst teacher I have ever had. In March of my sophomore year, I missed 2 weeks of school because I was sick and I went to Georgia for spring training with my highschools crew team. I was behind and I was trying to catch up with my school work and I went to him for help because I was really behind in his class and he said there's nothing I can do to help you. I decided to never become a teacher like him.
  • First Head Coaching Job in Soccer

    I became the head coach of the developmental soccer team at my grade school. This was a big responsibility for me because I was in charge of everythiing from setting up games to practice and to keeping the parents informed. I really learned a lot and had a great time coaching the kids. This was the defining experience that made me want to become a teacher.
  • Accepted into John Carroll

    I received my acceptance letter to John Carroll. This was big because I realized I was able to continue my education and pursue a career that I was interested in. I do not know what it would be like if I did not get accepted. I can;t imagine being at any other college besides John Carroll.
  • Graduated from Highschool

    When I graduated, I realized that my days as a child were over. I had to start maturing more and become more of an adult to be ready for college. I learned a lot in highschool, but I was ready to move on and find out what college life was like.
  • Started Taking ED 100 and ED 186

    These were the first two education classes I took at John Carroll. I learned a lot in both of these classes and these helped me confirm my will to become a teacher. I owe a lot of what I believe in today about teaching to Dr. Garson, who I had for ED 100, and Dr. Shutkin, who I had for ED 186. These two classes taught me a lot and I am glad that I took these classes.