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Post-classical China Continued

  • Jan 1, 627

    Tang Taizong

    Tang Taizong
    Tang Taizong was the second emperor of the Tang dynasty, was a ruthless but quite efficient ruler, his rule was marked by an unusually calm reign. Tang Taizong implemented the equal-land system and the merit-based bureaucracy.
  • Jan 1, 630

    Implementations of the Tang Dynasty

    Implementations of the Tang Dynasty
    Implementation of reforms such as the equal land system, the merit based bureaucracy, as well as the renewal of the belief that China was the middle Kingdom, and was therefor involved in foreign relations.
  • Jan 1, 755

    Tang Decline

    Tang Decline
    Beginning of the Tang Decline caused by a casual and careless emperor, invaders and rebelions wore down the country, the equal land system began to fail, regional military leaders got power and the last Tang emperor adbicated, ending the dynasty in 907.
  • Jan 1, 1127

    Song Decline

    Song Decline
    The Song Dynasty's decline was due mostly because of the gigantic upkeep cost of the bureaucracy, the overall weakness of military leaders due to their political instead of military formation and the invasion of nomadic people such as the Khitan and Jurchen.
  • Li Yuan

    Li Yuan
    Rebelled against the emperor and proclaimed himself emperor, founding the Tang Dynasty. After establishing his dynasty, Li Yuan made his reign a strong, centralized empire.
  • Song Taizu

    Song Taizu
    Song Taizu was the founder of the Song Dynasty, under his centralized rule china was almost completly unified. He promoted agriculture and led the empire with iron-hand reforms, promoted education by building schools and revitalized confuscionism.
  • Period: to

    Tang Dynasty

    The Tang Dynasty ruled from 618 to 907. During its ruling period, the dynasty introduced many important innovative systems, such as the equal field system, a merit-based bureaucracy, and an effective transportation system. Even if the dynasty did not last as long as other chinese dynasties, it stilled implemented features that would have a long lasting effect in China.
  • Period: to Jan 1, 1279

    Song Dynasty

    The Song dynasty was a centralized dynasty that during it's reign unified most of china, despite their golden age, internal corruption and outside invaders weakened the dynasty until it became only a fraction of what it was, and eventually died out.