Krup industrial revolution

''The Industrial Revolution''

  • ''james Hargreaves'' spinning jenny

    ''james Hargreaves'' spinning jenny
    .the james hargreaves spinner could turn several spindles with one wheel and produce many threads...
  • ''john kays '' fly shuttle

    ''john kays '' fly shuttle
    .a shuttle was a holder that carries horizontal threads back and forth between the vertical threads in weaving..
  • ''Edmund Cartwright'' power loom

    ''Edmund Cartwright'' power loom
    .edumund cartwright was the first water powered loom ....
  • ''John Dalton'' theory of atoms

    ''John Dalton'' theory of atoms
    .john Dalton theorized that atoms are the basic parts of elements and that each type of atom has a specific weight
  • ''robert fulton'' steamboat

    ''robert fulton'' steamboat
    .robert was the first held the commercially successful steamboat run...
  • ''George Stephenson'' steam locomotive

    ''George Stephenson'' steam locomotive
    .george had the first steam locomotive was put into operation in the united states...
  • ''joseph lister'' antieptics

    ''joseph lister'' antieptics
    .he use carbolic acid to kill bacteria in operating rooms and later directly in wounds ....
  • ''alexander graham Bell'' telepphone

    ''alexander graham Bell'' telepphone
    .he produced the first instrument that successfully carried the sounds of speech over elecric wires....
  • ''Thomas A. edison'' light bulb

    ''Thomas A. edison'' light bulb
    .he made the first light bulb and was first uesd in businesses and pubic building etc....
  • ''guglirlmo Marconi'' radio

    ''guglirlmo Marconi'' radio
    .the radio sent code messages by electromagnetic waves that through the air....
  • ''The wright brothers'' airplane

    ''The wright brothers'' airplane
    .the wright brother built the first machine powered aircraft that which burned gasoline...