History Of The Internet

  • Russia Launches First Sattelite

    Russia Launches First Sattelite
    During the Cold War, Russia launched the first man-made sattelite, Sputnik. This sparked President Eisenhower to form ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency), which began to take initiative in connecting computer systems. (The internet)
  • ARPANET was formed!

    ARPANET was formed!
    Scientist Paul Baran (who was comissioned by the Air Forece) came up with the theory of "Packet Switching", which would allow messages to be transfered through computer systems. ARPA believed this theory would work, and taking initiative for this project would also achieve the Air Force's goal of connecting computer systems, so in 1969, they formed ARPANET. This connected UCLA to Stanford to UC Santa Barbara to the University of Utah. While it couldnt do much, others clamored to connect.
  • ARPANET goes from baby steps to the Big Thing

    ARPANET goes from baby steps to the Big Thing
    As it aged, ARPANet grew at a steady pace. It was practically always adding new features and universities to it's network.
    In 1983, ARPAnet moved form it's old Network control Protocol to the more universal and "user friendly" Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol.
  • What known today as the Internet is FORMED.

    What known today as the Internet is FORMED.
    ARPANet's change in protocol allowed many networks (NSFNET, CSNET, BITNET) to be interconnected. (Interconnected Networking= INTERNET.)
  • Invention of World wide Web

    Invention of World wide Web
    The world wide web is the part of the web that contains websites and pages. Before it, Searches and hyperlinks could not be made or created. Robert Berners Lee created it with the help of Robert Calliau to make internet navigation a breeze.
  • ARPANet Disbanded

    ARPANet Disbanded
    Newer, faster networks than ARPAnet, who could tranmist messages and data, were taking over and the Department of Defense decided not to use it anymore. But ARPANET's dissaperance did not strain the internet's abilities.
  • 130 websites

  • 100,000 websites

  • 162 million Websites