9 Years of Life

  • When I Was Born

    When I Was Born
    My mom was so happy she was crying wih tears of joy. I got my name from the Bible. I was born with a big smile on my face. It was one of my parents happiest day! The day I entered this glorius world. My relatives saw me I was the size of a bottle to them I was like there favrioute doll.
  • I moved in to my house

    I moved in to my house
    It was the best day of my life exept my bed. Its just the mattress that all but that all changed when i got a new bed that took 2 to 3 hours to construct! Now the bed is very comfortable I sleep in it every day. I love my room so much!
  • First time I rode a Horse

    First time I rode a Horse
    The day I discovered my favrioute animmal. I never discovered how fun horse riding is. My life had changed since horses were my favrioute animal.
  • Started Pre-school

    Oh I was shy that day but I made new Friends! Air was my first Friend she helped me too! Tyra said no when I asked her to be my Freind sso that is why air was my first friend in RIS! But the bad thing was for 45 minutes I could not sleep at all! On the last day we got crowns papper crowns and of course not real ones.
  • First trip to Hong Kong

    This is food paridise I'm talking about thats right th food here taste so great! Expeiciallythe dumplings and other Chinese food. The real reason I'm talking about food is becuase im hungry I ate at 5 A.M and now it is 11:10 A.M I also can't go eat yet. Anyway Back to subject so Hong Kong was super fun.
  • Rabbit died

    Rabbit died
    My rabbit Fluffy she died she got bitten by a snake or dog.
  • Mom Died

    Mom Died
    The day my mom died. The funeral was packed with people. I also found a 4 leaf clover. The ride to were they were going to putt my mom there was very long. We all took turns praying for my mom.
  • Cyclone in Burma

    Cyclone in Burma
    This Cyclone made 146,000 people die! I think that is all I know! But that was a tradgedy. I hope that does not happen again Ever and anywhere. I with that Cyclones were helpfull so there can be a water Cyclone th look at freash water or salt water fish.
  • Got my Dog Lolly

    Got my Dog Lolly
    I got my dog to feep me company sice my mom pasted away. Next I'll get a Itallian Grey Hound! Lolly is the best ever! She is so fast she was breed with a Duchtan and a Italian Grey Hound. That is why she is very fast. When I chose her she was the most active of all three that I chose from the origin of the Minature Pinture is in Germany. To me they look like me minature Dobermants.
  • Went to Australia with my Friend Bacon

    Went to Australia with my Friend Bacon
    This was extremly fun but annoying because of Bacon. We got to learn about all the wars that Australia fought. We also visited the Zoo and saw the Opera House. I got to feed birds and take pictures with Koalas, Kangaroo and a Emu and the Koala peed on our heads exept mine!
  • Traveild from New South Wales to Victoria

    Traveild from New South Wales  to Victoria
    I still can't believe I survived 11 hours in the car with my super annoying friend Bacon. He is like the most annoying person I know. The 1 good thing is that his name is Bacon. Sometimes I don't like to eat bacon at all. Oh and his brothers name is Mhu-ham that means pork and ham!
  • Bought a Town House

    Bought a Town House
    I just got a town house. With my dad hving the smallest bedroom And mine the biggest. Here is th tour of the house: The first floor has the kitchen and living room wich also has the dinning room next the home theater and my dads bedroom last third floor that has my bedroom and the geust room or what I call it my play room. thats the end!
  • Hati has a Earthqake

    Hati has a Earthqake
    Hati recived a very bad Earthqake I wish that I made my Earthqake slide show so more people would survive than die People got coverd with parts of houses and some had it on the necks one women was found and a peice was on her neck! But she was lucky that she was saved befor she could die. On T.V. I saw 16 dead bodies lined up against a wall.
  • My first BFF

    Tyra Tyra Tyra the best BFF in the WORLD. We had a sleep over too! I never had such a good BFF. We do almost everything together exept eating lunch of course. this is also the first day of school! I hope we are in the same class next year with a very kind teacher. I hope we won't part when I go to Sydney University in Australia or she can come with me to Sydney University.
  • New Student in RIS

    Radar is a great Friend and a new student at RIS she has alot of friends if she was here to find new friends she would be in the right place! We are great friends we help we play we keep secrets becuase thats what friends are for! I also love to share that makes us to be 1 of the best friends you have ever had!
  • Flood in Qeensland

    Flood in Qeensland
    The flood in Qeensland one of the worst floods I have ever seen. Wivh reminds me that I have a conection: This reminds me of the flood in Thailand. But in Thailand people used materials to get around like a float and etc. Some people climb up to thier roofs to not drown. I think all the damage has been restored by now.
  • A Trip to Veitnam

    A Trip to Veitnam
    I went to Vietnam. I got to go on a tour around Vietnam. I stayed in the car for 4 hours to go to Hanoi. The capital city of Vietnam. I went to try some coffe from Vietnam and it taste like milk. We got to go see 1 of the most respected caves in Veitnam! I had an wonderful and fun time there.
  • Earthqake and Tsunami in Japan

    Earthqake and Tsunami in Japan
    When a deadly Earthqake hits Japan, The Nuclear Power Plant
    got wet by the Tsunami and now the Newclear power point has no power and the city has no electricity. I hope they are alright. A puppy survived the Earthqake and Tsunami! So storng and so cute! When the Tsunami was here people ran up the hill and yelled to warn others.
  • Sleep over with Tyra

    This is a very fun sleep over the best one ever too! We went to the play ground and all she did was play The Sims 3. She brought her Gigantic makeup kit. the next day was the talent show! Tyra maked up me! But it was too light for me.
  • Tornado in Europe

    Tornado in Europe
    A Tornado struck Eurpe and killed about 339 people and 89 injured. That was one big Tornado. I hope people don't need to pay what they lost during the Tornado. The Tornado ocured last night. The news spreaded throughout the world very quickly.