A Life of Literacy

By mah1801
  • An Early Addiction

    An Early Addiction
    By my second birthday, I was already hooked on books. I just couldn't go to bed without making my mom read me at least five books. My favorite then (and still good today) was Grover's "There's a Monster at the End of this Book." Did I mention my Seasame Street addiction?
  • Ahead of the Game

    Ahead of the Game
    I started kindergarten at Edison School with a jump start on many of my peers. Thanks to that Seasame Street addiciton, I not only knew my lettera and numbers, but I could also read at a first grade level.
  • Calories and Pages

    Calories and Pages
    Whoever invented the "Book It!" program is a genuis! Not only was I reading book after book, but now I was earning free pizza for doing so.
  • Weaseling Around with Writing

    Weaseling Around with Writing
    In the fifth grade, I wrote a book! It was ten pages with color pictures (drawn by me) and published in the principal's office. The topic was the weasel, the animal which I had been assigned by my teacher. Most of my information came from the encyclopedia and field research.
  • Death to Phonies!

    Death to Phonies!
    Now in high school, my reading had moved on from Seuss to Salinger as I searched for the meaning of adolescence. I'm still not sure what that is, but at least I read some great books to get me through it.
  • Signing my Future Away

    Signing my Future Away
    After two years in college, it was time to choose a it or not. I loved reading and writing and I didn't want to be a journalist. Say hello to a future high school English teacher! Now I could share my passion for literacy with others AND get paid for it.
  • Killing Trees for Fun!

    Killing Trees for Fun!
    Feeling withdraw from being published (see "Weasels"), I submitted an article that I wrote for an English class to the now-defunct newspaper called "The Mule." While I never heard from the editor, I did pick up a copy of the next issue to find my article on page three. I still have ten copies of the issue in a box somewhere.
  • My Visit to Mecca

    My Visit to Mecca
    I spent Spring Break 2007 in London, England! This would be the best week of my life. The highlight for me was seeing a production of "The Glass Menagerie," my all-time favorite play. I would have the opportunity to teach this play three years later.
  • Feeling the Heat

    Feeling the Heat
    I finally get in the classroom for my junior experience and have the honor of teaching "Fahrenheit 451" as my first novel. After this semester, there would be no doubt in my mind that I was meant to be an English teacher.
  • Voted Most Likely To....

    Voted Most Likely To....
    As the newest member of Maryville High School's English department, I am asked to be yearbook advisor. With no experience whatsoever, I take the job. Now I'm publishing the memories that will be stuck with my students for their entire lives.