Bulimba History - Astrid

By bss
  • Aboriginal Inhabitants

    The Aboriginals have been leaving here for thousands of years. Their name for Bulimba was Toogoolawah.
  • Period: to

    BulimbaHistory - 4E

  • John Oxley

    John Oxley expolored Moreton Bay
  • Bulimba's First Hotel

    bulimba's first hotel eslablished
  • Bulimba School

    bulimba school was made in bulimba.
  • Mary Mcconnel

    In 1878 Mary Mcconnel came back and founded Brisbane Childrens hospital
  • School Of Arts

    school of arts was created
  • Oxford Street

    Oxford Street was named
  • Market Gardens

    Market gardens at Quay Streeet
  • Town Water

    Town water was connected to Bulimba
  • school building

    scool building built
  • Bulimba soldiers

    bulimba soldiers built sailors memorial park[jamieson park]
  • Hetherington stopped

    PS Hetherington stopped
  • ferry house

    Ferry house built in bulimba
  • first ambulance

    first amblance was invented
  • electricty

    electricty invented
  • Girl Guides

    Girl Guides hut was built in Bulimba
  • Girls guids

    In Bulimba girls guids started.
  • Boy scouts

    Boy scouts started at Barton Rd.
  • Hawthorne Theatre

    Hathorne Theatre was built
  • Major residential development

    Major residential development in Bulimba state school
  • Trams to the terminus

    Trams to the terminus at Library
  • Uniting church

    Uniting church was built at the round-a-bout
  • A block

    School A block built