• Period: Jan 1, 1540 to Jan 1, 1542

    Early Exploration

    In search of the fabled Seven Cities of Cibola, Francisco Vasquez de Coronado lead an expedition into the present southwestern United States and across northern Texas.
  • Period: to

    Revolutionary War

    Began as the War betwwen the Kingdom of Great Britain and 13 British Colonies in North America
  • Period: to

    Revolutionary War

    Began as a War between Great Britain and Thirteen British Colonies in North America
  • The Declaration Of Independence

    The Declaration Of Independence
    Statement adopted by the Continental Congress
  • Period: to

    War of 1812

    Was A Military conflict fought between the forces of the United States of America and thos of the British Empire
  • Stephen F. Austin

    Stephen F. Austin received a grant from the Mexican government and began colonization in the region of the Brazos River.
  • Battle Of Velasco

    The Battle of Velasco resulted in the first casualties in Texas' relations with Mexico. After several days of fighting, the Mexicans under Domingo de Ugartechea were forced to surrender for lack of ammunition
  • Period: to


    The Convention of 1832 and the Convention of 1833 in Texas were triggered by growing dissatisfaction among the settlements with the policies of the government in Mexico City.
  • Revolution and Republic

    Texans repulsed a detachment of Mexican cavalry at the Battle of Gonzales. The revolution began.
  • Goliad Campaign of 1835

     Goliad Campaign of 1835
    The Goliad Campaign of 1835 ended when George Collingsworth, Ben Milam, and forty-nine other Texans stormed the presidio at Goliad and a small detachment of Mexican defenders.
  • James Polk

    James Polk
    U. S. President James Polk followed through on a campaign platform promising to annex Texas, and signed legislation making Texas the 28th state of the United States.
  • Sam Houston

    Sam Houston
    Sam Houston abandoned Gonzales in a general retreat eastward to avoid the invading Mexican army.
  • Battle Of Plum Creek

    The Battle of Plum Creek, near present-day Lockhart, ended the boldest and most penetrating Comanche challenge to the Texas Republic
  • Texan Santa Fe Expedition

    The Texan Santa Fe Expedition set out for New Mexico. Near Sante Fe, they were intercepted by Mexican forces and marched 2000 miles to prison in Mexico City.
  • Period: to

    Mexican American War

    Armed conflict between United Statess && Mexico
  • Compromise Of 1850

    In a plan to settle boundary disputes and pay her public debt, Texas relinquished about one-third of her territory in the Compromise of 1850, in exchange for $10,000,000 from the United States
  • Period: to

    American Civil War

    Also known as the War Between the States
  • Battle Of Galveston Texas

    After several weeks of Federal occupation of Texas' most important seaport, the Battle of Galveston restored the island to Texas control for remainder of Civil War.
  • Last Land Engagement Of the Civil War

    The last land engagement of the Civil War was fought at the Battle of Palmito Ranch in far south Texas, more than a month after Gen. Lee's surrender at Appomattox, VA.
  • Davis Dispute

    Coke-Davis Dispute ended peacefully in Austin as E. J. Davis relinquished the governor's office. Richard Coke began a democratic party dynasty in Texas that continued unbroken for over 100 years
  • James Hog

    James Hog
    Based on a campaign platform calling for the regulation of railroads and big business, James Hogg took office as the first native-born governor of Texas