Jorge's & Andrew's Time Line

  • Jan 1, 1485

    When Tudors took the throne

    When Tudors took the throne
    Henry's father won the battle of ( ) to take the throne of england.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1485 to

    Timeline of tudors (Henry)

  • Dec 16, 1485

    Catherine Of Aragon

    When Cartherine was born. Not to be known as henry's first wife till they met.
  • Jun 28, 1494

    King was born

    This the date Henry VII was born and ready to take the throne when he was of age.
  • Jan 1, 1509

    Became King

    When Henry's father died, Henry had to take the throne at the age of 17. But he was ready to take the throne at that age so it was no problem.
  • Jun 11, 1509

    The 1st Marriage

    The 1st Marriage
    The First marriage of Henry VII, While they were happy Catherine starter cheating on Henry so Henry wanted to divorce her. He went to the Pope to pay for him to divorce them.But the Pope refused, So henry decided to break off from the Pope and made himself the head of England's church!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jan 1, 1533

    Fall Of 1st Wife

    This is when henry divorced his 1st wife after he made himself the head of his church to be able to divorce his wife on his own terms. So ends the life they had together for 24years.
  • Jan 1, 1533

    2nd Wife

    2nd Wife
    Henry's 2nd wife married in secret even before the marriage between Henry and Catherine was invalid.
  • May 19, 1536

    Fall of the 2nd wife

    Even though Anne Gave birth to 1 girl she was acused of adultry just because she could not bare a healthy son. So on this day she was beheaded, basically for not bareing Henry a son.
  • May 30, 1536

    3rd Wife Jane Seymour

    3rd Wife Jane Seymour
    Shortly after Anne was executed. Henry married Jane Seymour.
  • Oct 24, 1537

    Fall of 3rd Wife

    Jane Gave birth to Henry's first good son.(Not a bastard son)But just a mere 2 weeks after Edward was born Jane died because she was weak.
  • Jan 6, 1540

    4th Wife

    4th Wife
    Anne was described by the French ambassador, Charles de Marillac, as tall and slim, ",She had dark haired, and looked old for her age. The painter made her look beutiful but
    she really wasent.
  • Jul 28, 1540

    5th Wife

    5th Wife
    Kathryn came to court at about the age of 19 as a lady in waiting to Anne of Cleves .
  • Feb 13, 1542

    Fall of 5th Wife

    Kathryn HowardThe news came out that she was not faithful to Henry and was 'sleeping' with other men. she was executed in 1542.
  • Jul 12, 1543

    6th Wife

    Katherine Parr was Henry's last wife.Before he married Henry She was marry to Thomas Parr.Soon Thomas Parr died and left her with 3 kids
  • Jan 28, 1547

    Fall of last wife

    Fall of last wife
    Henry VIII died in January 1547 and she became a widowed soon after henry died Katherine secretly married Thomas Seymour.Also after her 3rd marrage she finaly got pregnent.On 5 september 1548 she died.