My life

  • Conception

    21 year old non smoker
  • Period: to

    Prenatal til birth

  • Period: to

    Prenatal visits, prenatal vitamins, no smoking, mom talked to me and played music.

  • Birth 2 wks early

  • Period: to

    First 2 years 5oth percent tile for ht and wt

  • Period: to

    Breast fed 3 months

  • Slept through the night

  • First word

  • Sat up by self

  • Crawled for first time

  • First tooth

  • Solids

  • Period: to

    Several play dates with cousins, friends from school, and neighborhood kids

  • Started day care at moms school

  • No more bottle

  • Fed self

  • Dress self

  • Period: to

    Attended daycare Educational/play based

  • tie shoes by my self

  • Recite Alphabet

  • wrote name with right hand

  • Recite Pledge of alligence

  • Period: to

    Play years

  • Mom and dads wedding

  • pump on swing

  • First sibling born

  • Could read a book

  • Ride 2 wheel bike

  • Started kindergarten

  • Period: to

    Extra curicular activities, Dance,Ice skating, Girl scouts,Softball, Catechism.

  • Period: to

    School years

  • Moved to livonia

  • Started at new school in livonia

  • Second sibling born

  • Period: to

    Adolecence( Acne, Social akwardness, weightgain, development,peer pressure)

  • Middle school

  • Start Highschool

  • First experience with alcohol

  • Period: to

    Depression episodes

  • First serious boyfrined

  • Parents file for divorce

  • divorce final move with mom to westland

  • Period: to

    Emerging adulthood 18-25

  • High school Graduation

  • Period: to

    Attended dorsy Certified Medical assistan

  • Grandpa passes away (very Hard)

  • Period: to

    attended Schoolcraft part time for pre nursing

  • Engaged to be married

  • Start first job in my field (pediatric office)

  • Period: to


  • Mom remarries add 2 more sisters to the family for a total of 5

  • called off engagement

  • Move into my first apartment on my own!

  • Graduation (Associate in Science)

  • Start at Madonna for nuring

  • Graduate nursing school

  • Start establishing Career in hospital

  • Marriage

  • Period: to

    Have children (2)

  • first child

  • 2nd child

  • Menopase

  • diagnosed breast cancer/double mastectomy

  • Make will and necessary legal document Re death

  • retirement

  • Start CE photography class

  • Period: to

    Late adult hood

  • Period: to

    Traveling the world with husband

  • Death