By domw
  • The Australian Post Service

    The Australian Post Service
    In the 1950's the Australian Post Service was created where Australians would have the availability of sending telegraphs to one another
  • Television

    In 1956 television was brought to Australia and in Australia over two thirds of all the Australian homes had a television in a span of a decade since the television came out
  • Telephones

    In the mid-1960's telephones arrived in Australia and it allowed Australians to make calls from different areas
  • Telecommunication

    In the 1960's telecommunication was invented which revolutionised communication because this was global communicating which was very popular in Australia
  • Radio

    Australia's first radio station began broadcasting in 1974 which gave out great quality sounds and was very popular in Australia. This radio station is called FM
  • Coloured Television

    Coloured Television
    In the 1970's coloured television came out and by 1975 over 94% of Australian homes had at tv
  • answering machines

    answering machines
    In Australia answering machines became very popular in the 1980's. These machines picked up calls automatically and recorded the message
  • Mobile phones

    Mobile phones
    In late-1980's to mid-1990's mobile phones became available in Australia and it was very popular because they were very convenient for many people. By the end of 1999 approximately 45% of Australians owned a mobile phone.