So Far, So Good

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  • Recitation

    Well it is third grade in Webster School in Bridgeport, Connecticut and the teacher has just announced that she will be instructing everyone at a certain time to get up in front of the class and recite all the science facts we had learned about last week. My heart sank when she said this. I was in no mood to speak in front of everyone and I knew that this was going to be bad. I got up, forgot everything she had taught us, and was sent home with a note. :(
  • New Little Brother

    My little baby brother Brandon was born today and it has been a joyous event. He is so cute and cuddly but I also fear that when he is out of his baby stage, I will be left to care for him and deal with those issues as well. I only say this because it has happened with my younger sister and other brother as well, so I am more than sure it will happen again. It is so hard to have to take care of younger siblings when I am still a kid myself. Hopefully this will help me in the longrun.
  • Not Cool in this School

    This day is important to me because my middle school has been dealing with all sorts of issues like: no money for repairs, limited resources, and insufficient staff to teach and care for the overwhelming number of students that attend my school. My school name is Thomas J. Hooker school and it is located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I went through grades 5-8 and when I left Connecticut to come to Cleveland, I felt like nothing had changed. The schools were dealing with the same problems.
  • Mom and Dad

    Lately now, Mom and Dad have been arguing about what, I do not know but it scares me because I think they might get a divorce someday if they do not fix their problems. I am only 10 years old right now, but I can see well past my age and know what is going on. I may not have known the exact details as to why they were arguing but it was till discouraging none the least.
  • Not a Good Year

    This year just began and already my family and I are dealing with issues that are overwhelming us. The house is falling apart, mom and dad are working longer hours, I am left to watch over my younger siblings, and even though I was young for my age, I could sense the tension in the house from all the problems. I hope the rest of the year does not pan out like it started or its going downhill from here.
  • Family Issues

    Today has been an ok day but I feel like something is going on with my parents that they are not telling me and I have heard them arguing and it is really affecting my performance in school. I wish they would stop and just act like the normal, loving parents they are supposed to be. School has been good for me so far, but with the lack of resources, i find that it is hard to learn so much in so little time. Maybe one day I can be a teacher and find ways to help my students.
  • Getting Ready for Change!

    It has been officially announced at my house that next year when I finish up the 8th grade at Thomas Hooker school, we will be leaving to Cleveland. I asked my parents why we had to move so far away and they said that the landlord is not cooperating and helping to fix our house, so there is no other choice left. Back then, rent was just too expensive for my parents and Cleveland seemed like the best option, so we went with it. I graduated from 8th grade and received many awards.
  • Moving From Connecticut to Cleveland, Ohio!

    Today has to be the worst day ever. I mean we have to move clear across three states to Cleveland, Ohio. What is so grand about Cleveland and why do we have to move again? Oh yeah because our rented apartment was falling apart and the landlord didnt do anything for the apartment. Yeah, now I remember. Hopefully this move will be good for the whole family.
  • High School

    So far, so good for my time spent at high school. I have been getting used to Cleveland and dealing with new people,new terms, and new ways of life. The apartment we have here is no different from the one we had in Connecticut and I feel like we are going to go through the same thing again. And what is worse is that we may be in a new state, but we still have the same problems and mom and dad's arguing just gets worse and worse. Fortunately, being in school gives me an escape.
  • Finding out I Was Pregnant

    Today I went to the doctors office at Mccafferty Clininc . I went to the doctors office with my mother . I went in to the nurses station and told the nurse what was happening and she asked me if I thought I was pregnant. I told her, "No." So she ran three pregnancy tests and sure enough I was positive and pregnant! I will never forget that day because it is so vivid and marks a huge spot on my timeline...literally!!!
  • My New Son Antonio

    My New Son Antonio
    Welcome to this world Antonio! I am so happy that my son is finally here. I know that I will be a good mom because I have had to care for my younger siblings and in doing so has prepared me for the role of mom now. I am a student in high school and now a full time mom. I cannot wait to see what awaits my son and I in the future and I know that I will give him all the best.
  • Graduating from John Marshall High school!

    Today is graduation day for me and I am so excited. I just got back from maternity leave in April and I only had less than two months to finish up high school. Being gone for six weeks which started in Februaury really gave me the advantage I needed. When I got back to school I was ahead in all of my classes and when it was time to graduate, i found out that I was going to graduate with an honors diploma. I was so excited!
  • My Newborn Son

    My Newborn Son
    This picture represents my son Antonio who was only 2 months old at the time. He means everything in the world to me. I also just want to say that when your parents tell you that once you have kids you will understand why they did everything the way they did for you is absolutely true. I cannot imagine my life without my son and it is utterly amazing that someone so small that came into my life could have such a huge impact on me. I am truly blessed to be his mother.
  • Just Started Crawling

    Just Started Crawling
    This milestone event is important to me because it signifies how far my little Antonio has come since he was a newborn. And it went a little something like day I was playing with Antonio and I put a blanket in the floor and laid him down. Usually he would just trun himself over and lift his head up, but that day was different. He got up on all fours and just started crawling like he had been born doing it. It was amazing to see him accomplish something on his own like that.
  • Going to College!

    I was accepted to five different colleges, but I felt that John Carroll University was the right fit for me. The funny thing is that before coming to this school, I had never been here, did not know where it was, never had a tour, never did any of these things. But yet when I was here fort orientation, I loved it and everything about it! I knew that this school was going to help me become a teacher although I did not know it yet.
  • Starting Service Learning at John Carroll

    Today I will start my first service learning placement and it is going to be quite an experience because i have never participated in something like this before. My first service will be a one time project which deals with community service and helping to fix a playground for a nearby school. This experience do go well and I am so glad that i was able to be a part of it.
  • Antonio's First Birthday!

    Today is Antonio's first bday and I am so excited! He has learned how to roll over on his tummy and he has also begun the stages of crawling. Tonio is what we call him for short. Tonio has never seen balloons before so he was excited when we started blowing them up and he was so curious about them! He is very smart and accelerated for his age.
  • Antonio's Second Bday!

    Antonio's Second Bday!
    I cannot believe how fast time has flown by and now it is my son's second bday. My son has been walking since he was 10 and 1/2 months old and started talking not too long after that. It is so wonderful to see my son grow from an infant to an able bodied toddler and he has learned so much. It feels good to know that he has learned these things from both his parents. I am so proud.
  • September 2010 Warner Girls Leadership Academy

    Today I will start service at Warner Girls Leadership Academy and I am so happy that I was finally able to make it to this service site. I had registered before for this service but I was not able to participate due to a schedule conflict. Luckily for me I was able to go this semester and help Pre-K girls with their tracing, writing, and counting numbers. I am ecstatic that this was a requirement for my education class and I always enjoy doing community service. It has become a part of me.
  • As of Right Now...

    Today is December 1st and tomorrow this timeline is due for my education 253 class and I feel that all of my events that I have posted on my timeline are important and vital to who I am. These events signify how far I have come and what I have had to deal with. I hope that this timeline can show how dedicated I am to my son and family and to my studies here at John Carroll University.