British Imperialism

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  • Period: Jan 2, 1497 to Jan 2, 1499

    Establishment of the Britsh East India Company

    The company suppleies raw materials for the industrail revolution. 300 million people in the market making the goods for Britian.
  • Period: Jul 8, 1497 to Jul 9, 1499

    Vasco de Gama

    Vasco went in search for a direct sea route to India from Portugal. He went around Africa to India.
  • Period: to

    Decline of the Mugal Empire

    Two million people died from hungrer in India while they were in war. It was just a wealthly empire with barley any power.
  • Period: to

    British overcome French and take control of india

    Britian and France gained a lot of land. They developed a business trading Indian cloth.
  • Period: to

    Industrail revolution in Britain

    They had really large fields with a lot of farmers.
  • Period: to

    Sepoy Rebellion

    The sepoys rebelled and 100,000 where killed. It was because of the rumor that the cartridges were oiled with beef or pork fat.
  • Period: to

    British Colonized India

    British government quickly took back control of India.
  • Period: to

    Creation of the INC

    Both Hindus and Muslims worked together to get independence from the British.
  • Period: to

    Creation of the Muslim League

    It makes India divide into two different nations Muslims and Hindus. India and Pakistan.
  • Period: to

    Amritsar Massacre

    10,000 Muslims and Hindus protested about the rowlett acts. This happened in a city called Punjab.
  • Period: to

    Rowwlett Acts

    All these laws allowed the British to put anyone in jail without a trial for as long as two years.
  • Period: to

    Gandhi's leadership of the INC

    Gandhi led indepndent movements. He tried to make peace.
  • Period: to

    Gandhi's travels stressing nonviolent resistance

    Nonviolence a powerful way to achieve independence.
  • Period: to

    The salt march

    Indians couldn't buy salt from anyone else but the government.
  • Period: to

    The Government of India Act

    It means that they have local self-government and limited democratic elections but they didn't have total independence.
  • Period: to

    India/Pakistan Independence

    They both gained independence from the British and eachother.
  • Period: to


    There were riots between Muslims and Hindus in all the cities. 5,000 people died and 15,000 were hurt.
  • Period: to

    Gandhi's death

    He got assassinated by a Hindu extreamist.
  • Period: to

    WW2 riots between muslims and hindus

    Muslims and Hindus were fighting and a lot of people died and got hurt.