British imperialism in India

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  • Oct 20, 1498

    Vasco De Gama sails for India

    In 1948, Vasco De Gama sailed to eastern Africa and found many spices. When he went back to Portugal, the cargo was worth 60 times the cost of the voyage. This opened a trade route to India
  • Establishement of the British East India Company

    They built trading posts at Bombay, Madras and Calcutta.
  • Decline of the Mughal Empire

    By the end of Aurangseb's reign, the resources of the empire was almost drained
  • Industrial revolution in India

    In the 1700s, wealthy landowners bought land that was once worked, but the landowners found new agricultural ways.
  • British overcome French and take control of India

    Robert Clive led East India Company on the Indian forces allied with Frech forces.
  • Creation of the INC

    This group first focused on indian concerns, but later moved onto self-government
  • Sepoy Rebellion

    The sepoys had to bite off the ends of the cargo containing there new rifles, but it was rumored that the cargo had prok grease on them. This leads to Indians to rebel since there religion does not allow them to eat pork or beef.
  • British colonize India

    In 1858, Britain took direct command over India.
  • Creation of the Muslim League

    This group was made to protect Muslim interests.
  • Amritsar Massacre

    10,000 hindues and muslims went to the city of Amritsar and prayed, fasted, and listened to political speeches.
  • Rowlett Acts

    Allowed government to jail protestors without a trial.
  • Gandhi's leadership of the INC

    Ghandi blended ideas from all the major religions and used them to rebel against the British
  • Gandhi's Travels stressing nonviolent resistance

    Gandhi lauched a campaign to resist with nonviolent ways.
  • The Salt March

    Gandhi organized a group and did things to show how much people hated the Salt Acts,
  • Government of India Act

    It provided local self-government and limited elections, but not total independence.
  • Riots between Hindus and Muslims

    In August 1946, hour days of battles in Calcutta killed 5,000 and had 15,000 casualties.
  • Indian/Pakistan Independence

    The British House of Commons passed an act that granted India and Pakistan power. They had 1 month to decide how to do everything.
  • Partition

    India got divided into Hindu and Muslim nations.
  • Gandhi's Death

    A Hindu, who thought Gandhi was over protective, shot and killed him.