One Fine Day in August

  • Birth

    I was born at Sacred Heart Hospital in Cumberland, MD.
  • Moved to Mobile, Al

    Moved to Mobile, Al
    Two months after my birth we moved to Mobile!
  • My First Birthday

    My First Birthday
    I was alive on this Earth for one whole year.
  • I turn two!

    I turn two!
    My second birthday!
  • I turn 3!

    I turn 3!
  • I turn 4!

    I turn 4!
    My fourth birthday!
  • I turn 5!

    I turn 5!
    My fifth birthday!
  • I start Kindergarden!

    I start Kindergarden!
    Though I don't know the exact date or school, this is around the first time I began school!
  • I turn 6!

    I turn 6!
    My 6th birthday!
  • I start Elementary School

  • I turn 7!

    I turn 7!
    My 7th Birthday.
  • My Parents get a Divorce.

    My Parents get a Divorce.
    A sad day, my parent's end their marriage. My father moves away.
  • I turn 8.

    I turn 8.
    My 8th birthday.
  • I turn 9.

    I turn 9.
    My 9th birthday.
  • Live with my father.

    Live with my father.
    I move to Cumberland, MD to live with my father.
  • I turn 10!

    I turn 10!
    I partied like it was 1999.
  • I switch schools.

    I move to South Penn Elementary for my 5th grade year.
  • Millenium.

    I welcomed in the new year, decade, century, millenium...
  • Moved in with Mom.

    Moved back in with my Mom... there to stay for the next 8 years.
  • I turn 11!

    I turn 11!
  • 12th Birthday!

    12th Birthday!
    I turn 12.
  • Started Middle School

    Started Middle School
  • 13th Birthday.

    13th Birthday.
    The big 13.
  • My 14th Birthday

    My 14th Birthday
    I turn 14!
  • We move to Houston.

    We move to Houston.
  • My 15th Birthday

    My 15th Birthday
    I turn the big 1-5.
  • High School!

    High School!
    I started at Bellaire High School.
  • Sweet 16.

    Sweet 16.
    I turn 16. No, I didn't get a car. :(
  • And we come back to Mobile.

    And we come back to Mobile.
    Back and forth we go, right back to Mobile.
  • My 17th Birthday

    My 17th Birthday
    I turn 17!
  • I start at Murphy High School.

    I start at Murphy High School.
    I start high school here in Mobile at Murphy High
  • My 18th Birthday

    My 18th Birthday
    I turn 18!
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    I graduate and am done with public school. On to higher education!
  • Started College

    Started College
    Began Higher Education here at South Alabama
  • My 19th Birthday

    My 19th Birthday
    I turn 19!
  • I swore in to the Alabama National Guard

    I swore in to the Alabama National Guard
  • I shipped to Basic Combat Training.

    I shipped to Basic Combat Training.
  • Period: to

    Basic Combat Training

  • AIT

    I graduated BCT and shipped to AIT at Ft. Gordon
  • Period: to


  • 20th Birthday!

    20th Birthday!
    I have been on this Earth a decade!
  • 21st Birthday!

    21st Birthday!
    I can drink! (If I want to)