Ashley Goodwin

  • My birthdate!

    On May 16, 1989 I was born at St. Vincent's East Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Bowling Green, Kentucky

    Bowling Green, Kentucky
    From 1991-1993 I lived in Bowling Green, Kentucky!
  • Back to Birmingham!

    In 1993, I moved back home to Birmingham, Alabama with my family!
  • English Teacher Aspirations!

    English Teacher Aspirations!
    In eighth grade, I knew I wanted to be an english teacher. This is when I discovered I loved punctuation, reading, and writing.
  • I began high school in 2005!

    St. Clair County High School I attended SCCHS from 2005-2008!
  • Community College!

    Wallace State!I graduated from high school and began community college at Wallace State in Hanceville, Alabama!
  • Began attending USA!

    South Alabama!After a year of community college, I moved to Mobile to attend the University of South Alabama!
  • Working hard to achive my goals!

    I am now successfully completing courses at the University of South Alabama to earn my degree in Secondary English/Language Arts education!