Joelle's Special Timeline

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born in Calgary, Alberta in Foothills hospital. My full name is Joelle Carmen Lee and I weighed 7 ounces and 2 pounds. This milestone was ulitmately the start of my special life.
  • Period: to

    Joelle's Special Timeline Timespan

    From the day I was born to the present. This special timeline shows my accomplishments, my family, my friends and other events that were significant in my life. These experiences made me who I am today.
  • My First Day Learning to Play Piano

    My First Day Learning to  Play Piano
    Playing piano was my first extra-curricular class I took when I was five years old. Learning this musical instrument benefited me when I was learning music in middle school. I have been learning piano for about ten years and I plan to continue playing piano during highschool. I am glad to experience learning a musical skill and I hope to learn other instuments such as the guitar.
  • My First Day of Kindergarten

    My First Day of Kindergarten
    I attended my first day of kindgerarten in a private school called Three Fishes Christian School. It was important and memorable to me, because I was able to make friends for the first time. Furthermore, I learned that I had a great interest in art through crafts. Starting from this age, I began to draw and paint as a hobby.
  • The Best Summer Vacation

    The Best Summer Vacation
    This special milestone was about my memorable experience traveling overseas to Hong Kong and Singapore. I spent time with relatives and cousins, which we still remember this moment today. It was also my first time on a two day cruise to China from Hong Kong. I learned that I loved to travel and that one of my lifetime goals is to tour continents halfway across the world like Europe and Australia.
  • Grade 2 Science Fair

    Grade 2 Science Fair
    This event was a competition within the grade two class to make and present a science project. I won first place in my class and my parents were really proud. It was significant to me because I learned one of my strongest subjects is science. My project was about simple machines. Today, I like to study how technology works and how it benefits our lives. This encouraged me to consider pursuing a career involving physics and chemistry.
  • My First Speech

    My First Speech
    Every year, my school would have a speech art competition within each grade. I was able to participate and make it to the final three. I placed third place by making a speech about a poem. This experience gave me courage in public speaking and an opportunity to show my interests in a speech to the student body. Today, I am more confident in public speaking without having stage fright and fear of embarassment. I am also, able to lead group discussions at school activities and classes.
  • Obtained Babysitting Certificate

    Obtained Babysitting Certificate
    When I was nine years old, my parents registered me into a babysitting course in Angus Glen. They thought that if I learned to babysit, I would be able to have a small part time job in the future. Through this course, I learned about first aid and how to properly take care of children of different ages. I successfully passed the course and received a babysitting ceritificate. This event taught me the importance of responsibility and dedication in an occupation.
  • My First Time Camping

    My First Time Camping
    This milestone was significant to me because it was the first time I went camping with my family. Together, we experienced canoeing, mountain biking, and setting up a tent. I enjoyed my first camping experience and it encouraged us to have more family time in the summer. I learned that one of my personal values is caring and being with my family.
  • My First Day to Learn the Violin

    My First Day to Learn the Violin
    Besides playing the piano, I also had the opportunity to play a new insturment; the violin. This experience has influenced me to try and experiment different hobbies and interests. I find that if I like to do something, I would continue to pursue it in the future.
  • My Experience in the Girls' Basketball Team

    My Experience in the Girls' Basketball Team
    This was my second year in my private schools' basketball team. It was significant to me because my team won first place in the area tournament against other private schools. This milestone reminds me of how I value teamwork in group events. I am able to be an interpersonal learner and to easily interact with peers at school. This moment influenced me to join more clubs such as athletic council and be more involved in our community.
  • My Move to a New School

    My Move to a New School
    In 2006, I moved from my private school to a public school in my neighbourhood. At first, my reaction was very shy and passive. However, I was able to overcome my fears and be able to meet new people in a new environment. Since then, these new friendships have stayed intact in my life. Having an interpersonal personality, allowed me to easily interact with new people in a different surrounding.
  • Grade Eight Graduation

    Grade Eight Graduation
    This moment of my life was my graduation from grade eight at Lincoln Alexander Public School. At graduation, I not only celebrated the ending of my middle school years, but I also received school awards. My first award was the Science Award. It reflects back to my grade two science fair and it encouraged me to study science courses in the future. My second award was the Academic Award. It showed my values as a hardworking and determined student to get Honour Roll in high school
  • My First Day of Highschool

    My First Day of Highschool
    On Grade Nine Day at Richmond Green, I learned to adapt to a different environment, participate in different clubs, and make new friends. I also got to appreciate the freedom and independence as a teenager in highschool. In highschool, I learned that one of my values is setting priorities in my school work and in teams I joined.