timeline of my life

By bella29
  • Period: to

    my !st birth day

    my first birthday!
  • Birthday!

    I had my first birthday!
  • First Tooth

    I lost my 1st tooth eating peas!
  • Home-schooling

    I started home schooling.
  • I learned the ABC's

    I learned the ABC's!
  • Moms Name!

    I learned my mothers name.
  • Mount Rushmore

    We went to Mount Rushmore and I was my first vacation.
  • 1st Surgery

    my 1st surgery.My first surgery was in 2008. It was a Sunday night. I started going cross- eyed, there was pressure too. So my dad decided to take me to the emergency room at St. Mary’s hospital in green bay and the doctor diagnosed it as something in the brain that is not supposed to be there so took me in a ambulance to the children's hospital and they did surgery on it the 4th day I was in there. Two days after that the finally let me out! The lady that led meto my parents car was nice.
  • Public-schooling

    3rd grade
  • Baby-sitting

    My first baby sitting job. It was in summer of 2009 .In Houston,TX I watched a little 4 year old boy named Avi we had so much fun together . His mom even payed me lots of money.I taught him how to swim and we played in there pool. All in all Avi and I had some what of a good time even though he was a trouble maker.
  • Surgery

    I had my 2nd surgery
  • Radiation

    I had radiation.