Elizabethan England

  • Sep 7, 1533

    The Birth of Queen Elizabeth l

  • Period: Sep 7, 1533 to

    Elizabeth Queen of England

  • May 19, 1536

    Elizabeth's mother Anne Boleyn is beheaded at Tower Hill, London, convicted of treason adultery and incest.

  • Oct 12, 1546

    Elizabeth l losses the title of princess of England.

  • Jan 28, 1547

    King Henry Vlll dies, leaving the thorn of England to young Edward VI

  • Mar 18, 1554

    Queen Mary, half sister of Elizabeth l imprisons her on false charges.

  • Jan 15, 1559

    Elizabeth 1 is crowned Queen of England

  • Jul 6, 1560

    The Treaty of Edinburgh is in affect.

  • Sep 23, 1562

    Queen Elizabeth almost dies of smallpoxs.

  • Nov 7, 1581

    A marriage treat is signed by Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Anjou.

  • The Treaty of Berwick, a peace treaty signed by Queen Elizabeth and King James VI of Scotland.

  • The Spanish Armada are defeated by the English.

  • Queen Elizabeth l grants charter permission to sail the Indian ocean for the east india company.

  • The death of Queen Elizabeth l