5 my life


  • Birth

    This was the day I was born! The day I was introduced to the world!
  • Moved to Bhopal, India

    Moved to Bhopal, India
    This was significant since I basically had to learn a whole new language (Hindi) since that was the official language in that state.
  • Immigration To Canada

    Immigration To Canada
    Probably one of the most significant events in my life so far since it was basically like starting a whole new life. This meant new people and new obstacles BUT also new successes.
  • Moved To Pickering

    Moved To Pickering
    This was basically my first actual House since my parents and I were living in an apartment. Soon moved to the townhome in Pickering so it was awesome to actually have a good amount of space in it.
  • Got Into Basketball

    Got Into Basketball
    So in my grade 7 year, I got into Basketball. I was before playing Football (2 - Touch) with friends at recess for fun because all of them were basically into it. Soon I got into basketball and started playing everyday at recess and soon it turned into my favorite sport.
  • Moved To Markham

    Moved To Markham
    This was a pretty different type of lifestyle here since I was before in Durham. The education was pretty terrible there because a lot of kids just slacked off and still got As and Bs. As I moved here I was amazed by the workload I got (or maybe it was just my grade 7 teacher...). So this event got my academic status up and made...me... smart... :D
  • Introduced To The World Of PC Gaming

    Introduced To The World Of PC Gaming
    First time I got into PC Gaming with my friend. He showed me the Call Of Duty series. I SOON FELL IN LOVE WITH GAMING! This was I guess a negative and positive outcome. Negative was obviously the addiction at the starting and the positive is probably interacting with a whole new amount of people.
  • Built First Computer

    Built First Computer
    During the summer vacation of 2009, I found my first ACADEMIC interest in technology. I built my first computer and basically decided to further my career in Technology.
  • Discovered YouTube (A New Passion)

    Discovered YouTube (A New Passion)
    I always watched videos and saw people posting some videos. So I myself thought: "Why shouldn't I start making my own videos?!" So basically I started making videos hoping I would soon get an audience for my channel. I first started with Technology topics but that did not work at all. As a matter a fact, I still only have around 200 views for a video that is 9 months old! So I now am posting videos in the Comedy/Gaming type of genre. I plan to grow my channel and grow a huge audience.