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Napoleon takes Over

  • Lieutenant in the artillery

    Lieutenant in the artillery
    At age 16 he became Lieutenant in the artillery
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

  • Hero

    Napoleon defends French delegates from attacks. When he returned, he became a national hero of the french Republic
  • The Beginning of a Legend

    The Beginning of a Legend
    Led French army against the forces of Austria and Kingdoms of Sardinia. Crossing the Alps, he swept Italy and won a large number of battles.
  • Coup d' État

    Coup d' État
    "Blow to the state" The Directory was dissolved. New Gov't Consisted of 3 consul. Napoleon took top consul assumed the power of a dictator.
  • Napoleon Rules France

    Napoleon Rules France
    Napoleon hosted plebiscite, vote of the people, to approve a new constituion. He also set up a national Banking System and Gov't-run public schools, restored position of chruch in france with Pope Pius VII, and created the Napoleon Code: a uniform set of laws
  • Louisiana

    Napoleon gave up on Louisiana and sold it to the United States for $15 million, and it affect the United States because they expanded America
  • The Battle of Waterloo

    The Battle of Waterloo
    Napoleon fought valiantly at the battle of Waterloo against the British army, led by Duke of Wellington. On that afternoon, the Prussian army arrived and fought for two days.
  • The end of Waterloo

    The end of Waterloo
    The French army finally gives in and the British forces chased them out of the field.