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The MOst Important Event in my Life

  • Second Birth in my Family

    I don't the description of this event
  • The Very Good Hollidays

    The Very Good Hollidays
    Then for it is holidays have is to go in Tunisia during 2 weeks! It was too good.
  • The New Sport for me.

    The New Sport for me.
    One day at braekfast my father said: this afernoon Shall enjoy his to you to go to make some karting? And thus the afternoon we were spirit to lead(drive) our mini car
  • The Good Christmas

    The Good Christmas
    For Chistmas I have to try (for the third year) to have a playstation 3 and later of long negotiation I succeeded has the credit note, my console!
  • One Very Good Birthday!

    For this last birthday in France ( my country of origin ) I had the right has full of present.
  • My First Camp

    My First Camp
    WELL my first one was really cool, but sorry I have not many thing has to tell above.
  • I Come to China

    Well a day which changes your completely life your life his arrives not everything in the daytime but the I am on that it is one of it is in the daytime today. Why? Because today I am going to live in China.
  • the first fly

    the first fly
    Then this day I shall remember it for a long time, thus I am going to cross two in the daytime at my uncle and I have a surprise arrivant:mon uncle goes out of the material and goes to the car and half an hour later we were in the plane
  • The First Day

    The First Day
    This day is rather important because this day is my first day has SSIS at the good beginning on I was a little lost but good has the end of the day I knew already how to find a way and Voila for this unforgettable day.
  • The Middle School

    OK this evenenment is the same that for my first sat day, sadden.