• Cathode Ray tube Invented

  • Television invented

  • Approximate date of GPS invented

  • Internet Invented

  • Instant messaging appearance

  • Pay-Tv cable invented

  • Google opens its first office, in California.

  • Web 2.0

  • Wikipedia created

  • About 544.2 million people around the world were using the Internet

    164.14 million in the US alone.
  • The Apple iTunes Music Store was launched

  • President Bush signed the CAN-SPAM Act

    To reduce the number of unsolicited emails received by Internet users, because 50% of the email were unsolicited.
  • is launched

  • The number of websites on the Internet had risen to 92 million.

  • Google vs. Microsoft

    In a bid to compete with Google, Microsoft made an offer to buy Yahoo! for a price of $44.6 billion.