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Jordan Meli's Personal/Worldly Timeline

  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    My bith day made a big impact on my life because from that i was born and am now alive because of it.
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    My personal/worldly timeline

  • Creation of Google

    Creation of Google
    the creation google impacted many people in many ways it brought a new age of web surfing to the internet
  • First Time I Talked

    First Time I Talked
    i talked which made me very happy because now i could speak and express my emotions openly
  • My First Sports Team

    My First Sports Team
    on this day i made my first sport team (soccer) and made new freinds. it pushed me to try hard in any and all sports that i do.
  • Creation of First Ipod

    Creation of First Ipod
    It brought many new ways to listen to many types of music other than old fashioned cds and tapes
  • Y2K

    y2k changed the world and showed us humans how much we rely on computer,s. of course it didnt happen or i wouldnt be telling you this.
  • Day My Nana Died

    Day My Nana Died
    my nana died that day. i loved her and she made a big impact on my life. she was an incredible nana
  • Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico

    Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico
    t killed many species of fish and water creatures. BP had no idea how to stop it they finally plugged it up but it cost BP millions of dollars in oil and repairs and to clean up the gulf.
  • My First Day at Trinity College School

    My First Day at Trinity College School
    i was put into trinity this day it was a giant step in a very long and slow life.