Stephanie's Timeline

  • My first day in the real world

    I was born on Mrach 2nd, 1999 at 1:01 p.m.
  • My proudest moment :)

    My proudest moment :)
    One of my proudest moments was on January 18, 2001, because my first nephew was born. Hunter was born at about 6 p.m. I don’t remember a whole lot, but I’m sure I was nervous. When we walked into my sister’s room, I saw the most adorable baby in the world! After everybody else, I got to hold him. He was so light I could have held him all day. I would have too. Even though I was only 3, I knew it was a great day in my life. I became an aunt
  • Going to Minnesota

    Going to Minnesota
    In March 2003, I took a trip to Minnesota. It took us forever to get there. I mean, from Pulaski to Minneanopolis, that’s a long drive! However, we finally got there. Right away the next morning, we bundled up and went to the Mall of America! We went on rides, in stores, and to the food court. Sadly, the next day we had to go home. It took us WAY longer than usual because there was a huge blizzard! I was afraid we were going to crash. My trip to Minnesota was a trip I will never forget
  • First day of school ever!

    I think I was more excited then nervous to go to my first day of kindergarten. I had heard so many great things and I couldn't wait! That day I made some new friends that I have to this day. I love school!!!
  • Hard and green

    It was in Janurary of 2005 when I broke wrist. I fell off my bunk bed while playing video games. Ha it was kinda funny, now that i think of it. But the cast I got was lime green and as hard as a rock. Im just glad i didnt ruin my wrist forever
  • MY FIRST DANCE RECITAL!!!! I will NEVA 4get :)

    I was about 6 when I was in my first dance recital. I was so excited, and of course nervous. I didn't want to mess up! But in the end, I did all right. Especially since my dance teacher was behind the curtain. Now, I love to get on stage and perform!
  • Florida!!!

    I was so excited when I was on my way to Florida. I was really anxious because it was my first plane ride. I couldn’t wait until we took off. Right after we got our luggage, we got a cab and went to my Grandmas. I loved the sight of her house because there were palm trees around it. When I was there, we went to the beach, on a boat ride, and I tried star fruit for the first time. It’s so good! All in all, seeing Florida was a trip of a lifetime.
  • I got my kitty!!

    I got my kitty!!
    I got my very own cat in September of 2009. It all started when my mom and my step-dad brought me to a farm. I thought we were there to look at 4-wheelers but really getting a kitten! When it was time to choose, I saw a long-haired, black cat. I immediately wanted him! I named him Wily because of my brother who I haven’t seen in a while and miss him. That was a great year because a got a new best friend, Willy.
  • My brother died

    June 9, 2009 was the day my brother died. It was the morning after school ended. I woke up and when I went out to my living room, everybody was crying. They sat me down and told me through their sobs. After I had realized they weren’t lying I clung to my sister and broke down. To this very day, I still can’t take in the fact that he is gone. I miss him very much though. That is one day I will never forget.
  • My first day of middle school!

    I was as scared as a fish swimming next to a shark when I woke up on the morning of my first day of middle school. But everything turned out all right, dont worry ;)