my exciting life!

  • aren't i cute!

    aren't i cute!
    I was born August 21st 1998.
    History had been made! I was the cutest baby ever!
    As you can see in the picture above I liked to stick my tongue out!
    When I didn’t have anything to play with I played with my tongue! How cute was I! As you can see I was the cutest baby in the history of babies!
    August 21st has been and always will be the best day ever!
  • My First Halloween

    My First Halloween
    Look at me on my first Halloween! Aren’t I cute! Now in the present I am totally petrified of clowns! Even though I did trick-or-treat my mom didn’t let me eat any of the candy I got! So I did the work and my cousins ate all of my candy!
  • Look at me i am three!

    Look at me i am three!
    This is me pretending that I am older and putting on makeup. I got really big in the last three years didn’t I? I thought that I was really big when my mom let me put her make up on! Now I won’t even touch makeup!
  • look out pulaski here i come!

    When I was three my parents moved me to the little boring town of Pulaski. at least that is what I thought when we first got here. only some days I think that now.
  • my.... special family!

    my.... special family!
    This is a picture of my family a couple of years ago and it is still growing to this day. This is at a family reunion we had in Milwaukee. They are usually pretty crazy! And they always will be.
  • My Charming Brother

    My Charming Brother
    Two years after I was born something happened….MY BROTHER WAS BORN! As you can see my brother Derek is extremely charming correct! I have to admit that my brother was a very cute baby! But now he is really annoying. But what brother isn’t?
  • my kitty sophie

    I got my first pet that is all my own! I have a kitty named Sophie. We brought her and my brothers cat home the weekend before my birthday! Isn’t she cute!
  • here i am now!

    This is me in the present day and now and I am in middle school! Can’t believe that I made it this far!