Life In The Making

  • The First School In America

    The first publicly supported secondary school in the United States was the Boston Latin School, founded in 1635. I am excited to say that schools have came a long way and I am proud to be part of a new era of teachers.
  • Teacher for a Day

    The teacher chose me to be teacher for a day on this occasion. She has certain activities that I was able to pick from for the class activity. This day was the first time I got the taste of teaching.
  • First Day of Recess

    This was my first day of Kindergarten. It was also the first day of recess. I met a lot of new friends and this time allowed me to go outside and exert energy.
  • First Game of Kickball

    I played my first game of kickball in the first grade. Kickball was the game that we would usually play throughout my elementary school education. Being active was something that I enjoyed and I plan to stay active throughout my life as a physical education teacher
  • The Punishment

    On this particular day I had recess taken away from me for the first time. I was very upset and sad that I had it taken away. The impacts that taken recess away are much greater than may appear. I hope to show fellow teachers that there are other ways to punish children without taken away recess which has many negative effects.
  • With Mom for A Day

    When I was a young child my mother would allow me to accompany her to work. My mother is special education teacher for Ashtabula city schools. Watching her help her students was truly inspiring.
  • The Realization

    This was approximately the first day that I went to work with my mother. I was able to see what she did in her every day life. This was when I truley appreciated what my mother did for a living
  • Extra Recess

    In the third grade my class was rewarded for good behavior. Our teacher took us outside at the end of the day and allowed us to have extra recess. Recieving extra recess for good behavior was very rewarding.
  • Mr. Santee

    Mr. Santee was my sixth grade teacher. He was very active with the class and loved taking us out for extra recess. He would involve himself in the games we played on a daily basis. I feel that more teachers should be physically involved with their students and show them that it is good stay physically fit.
  • The Divorce

    Before my seventh grade year officially started my parents got a divorce. Since my mother was now a single parent I was required to watch my little brother after school. Jacob and I became very close through this time and created a strong bond. He picked up a lot of the little things I do on a daily basis. It was insipring to see a young child do and act like you.
  • No Recess

    After elementary school was over students no longer got tot enjoy recess. I was always used to bveing able to go outside and exert all the energy that I stored up throughout the day. It took some adjusting to but eventually I was able to stay attentative in class and get my work done. Being active is something I intend to do for the rest of my life. I hope to inspire young children and keep them physically fit while they are in school as well.
  • First Day of Highschool

    My first day of highschool was exciting for many reasons. But on this particular day i met a gym teacher who would have a great impact on my life. He was very energetic and just wanted to see kids succeed and be healthy. Having someone with this mind set in my life influenced me to become a gym teacher.
  • Online Gym Class

    In a Minneapolis school gym class has been taken online. I feel that this could benefit the school as long as it is monitored closely. Students are allowed to recieve physical eucation credit for participating in the sports that they love. Sports such as skateboarding, rock climbing and other sports that would students would normally be limited to in a gym class.
  • Basketball Camp

    My sophomore year of high school my coach asked me to teach young children the game of basketball. Passing on the knowledge that i had acquired through my years of playing the games felt very good.
  • Jacob's 1st grade troubles

    My younger brother Jacob is a very energetic boy. On multiple occasions he had recess taken away because of his behavior. This frusterated him and made him dislike school.
  • Life Planning

    At Edgewood life planning is a course that is required. A requirement for the class is that you must do a job shadow. I decided to job shadow the physical education teacher for ashtabula city schools. It was nice to see a typical day of highschool p.e. teacher.
  • The Guidance of a Coach

    During high school I had a close relationship with my basketball coach. He encouraged me to do something that I loved and never do anyhting for anyone else but myself. He was big part of me deciding to become a teacher.
  • Enviornmental Science

    During my senior year of high school I took a science course called Enviornmental Science. The teacher that taught the class t was Mrs. Beth Jeppeson. She was extremely passionate about her job and made every day exciting in her class. She had a very big impact on my decision to become a teacher.
  • The Death of Leonard Skinner

    Leonard Skinner was a well known gym teacher as well as musician. It is very inspiring to know that I would pursuing the same career as an American Idol
  • Jacob Artman

    This date is also extremely recent. This past weekend I went home to visit my family. While I was home I spoke to little brother about school. My younger brothers name is Jacob. Jacob is a very enthusiastic young boy. He is only ten years old and he loves doing anyhting and everything fun. He, however, does not like school. So I talked to him about why he dose'nt. He told me that he dose not like his teacher and she is mean. I feel that all teachers should be patient with their stuen
  • Service Learning

    Yesterday was my first official day of service. I had a great time working with the children. Bringins smiles to their faces was truly inspiring and the encouraged me even more to become a teacher.