Native amerocan

THe Native American History

By danish
  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus Arrives

    Columbus Arrives
    Columbus goes on an expedition to India in 3 ships called the nina, the pinta, and the santa maria. He tries an alternate route by going straight west and bumbs into the Americas which he thinks is India.
  • Period: to

    The Native American Epedemic

    An epedemic swept from 1617-1619 through New England which the Natives interpreted as an invasion of hostile Spiritual Power but this disease their medicine men (Powwows) couldn’t cure. This disease left by Europeans left about 2 survivors.
  • Wampanoag make friend with the Pilgrims

    Wampanoag make friend with the Pilgrims
    Start of Spring of 1621- The Wampanoag became friends and allies of the English Colony by the saying of the Chief Massasoit during a meeting with english. The Wampanoag were the first and favoured ally of the newly arrived pigrims.
  • The Mayflower arrives

    The Mayflower arrives
    A group of 102 Englishmen and Women arrive at the Wampanoag village in the ship called the MayFlower. The Wampanoag could of killed them easily even in there weakened state but decide not to.
  • The FIrst Thanksgiving

    The FIrst Thanksgiving
    LATE SUMMER 1621- The Great Summer Feast of the first thanksgiving at Plymouth. This symbolized the friendship between the Pilgrims and Native Americans at this time.
  • English pay respect to Massasoit

    English pay respect to Massasoit
    February 1623- Massasoit was desperately ill and Winslow (second in line to be the leader of Plymouth) came to provide his support. This further strengthened their bond and allience.
  • First English Raid

    First English Raid
    Spring 1623- English made a raid on a tribe to show the Indians there power which would in turn scare of any planned attacks but Massasoit still kept there friendship which would prosper for the time being through trade.
  • Period: to

    Massoist starts selling land

    1630s- Massasoit started selling his land sometimes by the necessity for survival because beaver population which they used for the trade of fur was wiping out and sometimes by force of the English.
  • Puritans Arrive

    Puritans Arrive
    Spring 1630- A fleet of ships carrying 1000 pilgrims led by the Aerabela were puritians who wanted to create England in America. They got a grant from their King to establish a new colony in Massachusetts Bay. They kept on coming by the thousands and Native Americans were getting wiped off by the growing number of small pox cases.
  • Pequot War

    Pequot War
    Spring of 1637- A force led by the Masschuttes Bay and Plymouth colonies had destroyed the Pequot the most powerful tribe in the Indian Confederacy in the area. This caused tribes including Massasoit to reinforce there friendship with English since they were sacred of them.
  • Start of Praying Towns

    Start of Praying Towns
    1651- Puritian Minister John Elliot (Puritian) established a praying town in Natic Massachusetts the first of a dozen praying towns. This forced Indians to convert to Christianity for Security. Led Massasoit to ban Christain missionaries from Wampanoag territory.
  • Massasoist dies

    Massasoist dies
    Early 1660s- Massasoit dies making Philip Massasoit’s second son the chief of Wampanoag.
  • Mistreatment of King Philip

    Mistreatment of King Philip
    1671- Philip was accused and force to recognize that he was planning an attack on the English by Jassai Winslow. Making them give up all their weapons.
  • Betrayal inside the Wampanoag

    Betrayal inside the Wampanoag
    January 1675- Philips personal secretary traveled to Plymouth to warn the English that Philip was planning an attack. The secretary was killed by the Indians for betrayal and the men who killed him were proven guilty by the English and hung.
  • Greedful Advise

    Greedful Advise
    Summer 1675- The Deputy Governor of Rhode Island invited Philip to Rhode Island advising him to not to go to war against the English because the English were too strong.
  • King Philip War Starts

    King Philip War Starts
    Days after the Meeting 1675- an angry Philips retaliated starting what became known as the King Philip War. This caused mostNative American tribes to retaliate.
  • Mohawks fights with the English

    Mohawks fights with the English
    Early 1676- The Mohawks attacked the tribes because they were an ally of the English killing 500 of Philip men. In a year 5000 native Americans were dead and the survivors shipped to the West Indies for slavery.
  • King Philip Dies

    King Philip Dies
    August 12, 1676- Philip was caught and they cut up his body. They put Philips head on a stick and kept it up for two decades in Plymouth. They sent his son and wife to the West Indies for slavery.
  • Tecumseh is Born

    Tecumseh is Born
    1768- Tecumseh (the great chief of the Shawnee tribe) was born. A treaty was also signed this year, which allowed the English settlement in Kentucky which is Shawnee hunting territory.
  • Peace of Powers

    Peace of Powers
    1783- In the Peace Powers Britain handed all of the land it claimed south of the great lakes and east of the Mississippi and North of Florida to the New United States which is Indian Terroritory.
  • Shawnee's early sign of Power

    Shawnee's early sign of Power
    1792- Shawnee almost destroys the American Army in Indiana.
  • Battle of Fallen Timber

    Battle of Fallen Timber
    1794- Shawnee were stopped in the Battle of Fallen Timber because Tecunseh retreated to a British Fort, which didn’t allow him inside catching him off guard.
  • Treaty of GreenVille

    Treaty of GreenVille
    1794 following the battle- Shawnee Tribe is forced to sign the treaty of Greenville in which they surrender majority of southeastern Ohio. Tecumseh didn’t show up at the signing. Opened the Ohio River to white settlers and caused Shawnees to go into continually movement.
  • Factory Strategy

    Factory Strategy
    After 1800s- Americans employ a factory in which they trade for Native American fur and cause the Native American to be in dept to Americans which will cause them to sell there land to the Americans to pay off their debts.
  • Low Point of the Shawnee Tribe

    Low Point of the Shawnee Tribe
    1805- Most of Shawnee land was gone, they couldn’t hunt in minimal space, and disease was spreading. It was a time of depression and desperation.
  • Lalawitika's Vision

    Lalawitika's Vision
    1805- Lalawitika (Tecumseh’s little brother) falls in a fire and miraculously come back to life to report a vision he saw in which he saw hell. He comes back a new man with a message that the Indians have lost their form by adapting the bad influences the Whiteman have brought such as alcohol. This gives new hope and direction to go back to the Indian roots causing Indians all over the lands including Telcumseh to fight again for there land with this new direction.
  • Unifying of the Shawnees

    Unifying of the Shawnees
    1806- Shawnees use this new movement to unify again.
  • Shawnees Move into American Territory

    Shawnees Move into American Territory
    Spring of 1806- Tecumseh and his brother move their Village into American territory in Ohio which was given to the American in the treaty of Greenville.
  • Fake Prophet?

    Fake Prophet?
    Late April 1806- William Harry Harrison writes a letter to the Delaware tribes to say to them that Lalawitika was a fake prophet and couldn’t be trusted.
  • A True Prohphet

    A True Prohphet
    June 1806- Lalawatika predicts an eclipse or a black sun and it comes true. Everyone believes him now and unify with him.
  • Demand to Leave

    Demand to Leave
    Spring of 1807- William Wells accused the prophet for keeping the settlers in a state of uneasiness and demanded them to leave. In June William Henry Harrison wrote a letter to the secretary of war that British were egging on the Indians to go to war.
  • Shawnees move to recruit

    Shawnees move to recruit
    1808- Shawnee’s move their village strategically to Indiana by the Wabash and Tipacanoe River. Closer to the western tribes and away from the Englishmen.
  • Treaty of Fort Wayne

    Treaty of Fort Wayne
    1809- Treaty of Fort Wayne- 3 million acres of Indian land is snatched away and English settlement is moving closer to the Porphet’s land. Tecumseh realizing inevitable war rushes to gather and unify all the tribes
  • Native American Tribes Unite

    Native American Tribes Unite
    1810- Thousands of people from all different tribes came to Prophets Town.
  • Meeting at Harrison Headquaters

    Meeting at Harrison Headquaters
    August 12, 1810- 75 Native Americans including Tecumseh arrived at Harrison’s headquarters, which resulted in a heated argument. Tecumseh wanted unfairly purchased land back, which the English bought from chiefs who had no authority to sell the land.
  • Tecumseh seeks more help

    Tecumseh seeks more help
    1811- Tecumseh heads south to convince the Chickasaws, Creeks, and Choctaws to join him Prophet’s town. He made sure not to go into war early because he didn’t have enough power yet.
  • Tecumseh outsmarted

    Tecumseh outsmarted
    August 5, 1811- Tecumseh went to Harrison to convince him that he was going to unite the Native Americans but Harrison understood his true plan and planned an attack on Prophet’s town before he came back.
  • The battle of Tippecanoe

    The battle of Tippecanoe
    November 6, 1811- The battle of Tippecanoe begins and the Americans win out because of the lack of ammunition and people in the Indian tribe.
  • The Native Americans flee

    The Native Americans flee
    November 8, 1811- Americans entered prophets town and found out the Native Americans had left and hided. The Americans destroyed there food supply and burned their town.
  • Period: to

    Rebuilding of Tecumseh's Army

    1812 spring to winter- Tecumseh worked tirelessly to rebuild his army and get British support.
  • U.S. declares war on British

    U.S. declares war on British
    June 18, 1812- United States declared war on the British just as Tecumseh was heading that way to get ammunition and armor from the British as help to defeat the Americans.
  • Tecumseh defends the British

    Tecumseh defends the British
    Summer of 1812- Tecumseh made the Americans retreat from the Canadian border
  • Battle of Brownstown

    Battle of Brownstown
    August 4, 1812- Tecumseh defeated an American army 6 times as large as his army of 24 men in the Battle of Brownstown south of Detroit.
  • Battle of Detroit

    Battle of Detroit
    August 16, 1812- Tecumseh tricked the Americans that his Army was much bigger than theirs causing them to surrender before the battle even started at the battle of Detroit.
  • Death of the British General

    Death of the British General
    Later in 1812- General Brock of Great Britain is killed and the new general just wants to defend Canada and doesn’t care as much in helping Tecumseh
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Battle of Lake Erie
    Fall of 1813- A British Fleet is destroyed at the battle of lake Erie giving the Americans control of the great lakes.
  • Tecumseh Dies

    Tecumseh Dies
    October 5, 1813- the stronger Harrison army attacks the Native Americans the British abandon them and leave them to fight alone. Tecumseh makes a great speech and convinces the British to at least leave there ammunition behind. Tecumseh dies in the midst of the battle.