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American Cultures 2- McMurray

  • The 14th Amendment takes action

    The 14th Amendment takes action
    In 1866 a mass of ex-slaves were being murdered. These slaves were U.S. born citzens. Presdident Johnson passed the Civil Right Act of 1866. This was also known as the 14th Amendment in the U.S. Constution. This act protects all U.S. born citizens and gives them equal protection no matter what their background they come from.
  • "The only good Indian is a dead Indian"

    "The only good Indian is a dead Indian"
     Chief Toch-a-way informs General Phillip H. Sheridan that he is a good Indian. This was at the time everyone thought Indians were evil. General Sheridan later replied "The only good Indian is a dead Indian." Not everyone yet wanted to get rid of the Indians.
  • Everyone is part of one nation

    Everyone is part of one nation
    On this day congress declared that the Indian Nations had to joun forces with the American nation. This is where the Indian discrimination starts.
  • The Comstock Act

    The Comstock Act
    This act came into place for a good reason. You now had a limit of what you could send in the mail. Litiature also was limited on letters.
  • 4 year old aubduction

    4 year old aubduction
    4 year old Charles Brewster-Ross was kidnapped. This made this the country's first kidnapping crime. The boy was never found sadly. And this is still happening millions of times a day.
  • Civil Right Act of 1875

    Civil Right Act of 1875
    On this day in 1875 one of the first Civil Rights movements was made. From this point on African Americans could be called in for jury duty.
  • The telephone is on the way

    The telephone is on the way
    On Valentines Day 1876 Alexander Grand Bell gets patent for inventing the telephone. This invention would improve all man kind because now you can get a message to someone from faraway in a seceond and even hear them. The goverment hoped this invention becomes true.
  • Indians save the day

    Indians save the day
    On this day in 1876 George A. Cluster, his 265 men, and established are killed by Indians. The Indians are Crazy Horse and Sioux at Little Horn River in Montana
  • Period: to

    Pursaing the Indians

    This time Cheif Joseph was pursaed by federal troops that him and a great amount of other Indians should move to a Oklahoma Reservation.
  • The Great Railroad Strikes

    The Great Railroad Strikes
    On this day The Great Railroad begins in Marinsburg. W. Va after Ohio and Baltimore pursue a 10 percent wage cut on their railroad
  • Thomas Edison's first invention

    Thomas Edison's first invention
    Thomas Edison who is 30 years old at the time invents the Phonograph. Thats was the big thing before record players.
  • Womans sufferage

    Womans sufferage
    On this day the seanate defeats a woman's sufferage agreement act of 34-16
  • Attorneys for women

    Attorneys for women
    Congress approved women attorneys to argue even before the Supreme Court.
  • Thomas Edison invents again

    Thomas Edison invents again
    Thomas Edision comes out with an even more sucessful invention. The light bulb you can now turn a dark room into a light room with one click.
  • The American Census

    The American Census
    The U.S. population was now 50,155,783 and getting bigger every 10 years. This is where the Census take place
  • Helen Hunt Jackson

    Helen Hunt Jackson
    Helen Hunt Jackson's book " A Ceuntry of Dishonor." is second looked by the goverment of how the Native Americans were being treated
  • Welcome Home

    Welcome Home
    This day Sitting Bull and other Sioux Indians return to the USA from Canada.
  • Chinese

    Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act. This Act inharrited Chinese for 10 years.
  • Discrimination act stikes again

    Discrimination act stikes again
    The Supreme Court rules that the Civil Rights Act of 1875 only forbids one thing State-Imposed discrimaantions. Not indvidual or businesses
  • The Skyscraper is born

    The Skyscraper is born
    The first steel Skeletion was built in Chicago. This invented the Skyscrapper.
  • It's now a Five O'Clock world when the Whistle Blows

    It's now a Five O'Clock world when the Whistle Blows
    Over 300,000 employers demonstrated a eight hour work day. Now workers can work for up to eight hours each day. Anything beyond that is overtime.
  • Statue Of Liberty

    Statue Of Liberty
    President Grover Cleveland established the Statue of Liberty. This statue is still located in New York City on the island of Manhattan.
  • Reservations are sold

    Reservations are sold
    The Indian Reservation 160 to 320 acres indvidual plots were sold to white settlers. This was where the Indians need to become Americans came in.
  • A famous Author

    A famous Author
    Edward Bellamy publishes his novel "Looking Backward" which predicts a Cooperive Commonwealth.
  • Stocks in New Jersey

    Stocks in New Jersey
    New Jersey now allowed holding compnies to buy stocks of other coperations.
  • Johnstown Flood

    Johnstown Flood
    A flood occured in the city of Johnstown, PA. This caused 2,295 people to lose their lives. After an abanoded resrevior breaks
  • Sitting Bull busted

    Sitting Bull busted
    Indian Police catch Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull is killed in South Dakota
  • Wounded Knee Masacure

    Wounded Knee Masacure
    Indains were tired of having there land taken away by the white settlers. The Sioux Indins went out and fought for what they know was the best for them.
  • A party found

    A party found
    The Populist Party was found in Cincinatti Ohio. These people found these parties for farming and raising crops.
  • A bug Arrives in Texas

    A bug Arrives in Texas
    The boil weevil arrived in the State of Texas. Its a tyoe of locust that ate plants.