Unit 5 Timeline project

  • The Cumberland Road

    The Cumberland Road
    The Cumberland Road also known as The National Road was the first major built highway in the United States. It was built by the federal government. This road provided transpertation through the Potomac and Ohio rivers. The highway is 621.4 miles.
  • The emergence of Sectionalism

    The emergence of Sectionalism
    Sectionalism divided the nation rather than put it together. It started when the North, west, and the South supported different things. This is what caused the Civil War.
  • Era of goodfeelings

    Era of goodfeelings
    James Monroe's presidential term in office was known as the era of good feelings, this was because of the political cooperation stemming from one party politic, and also because of America's high moral after the war of 1812.
  • Sequoya writes the Cherokee language

    Sequoya writes the Cherokee language
    Chief Sequoya created the language and it developed between 1809 and 1824. Today it is still used.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    The Missouri Compromise was a effort of the senate and the house of representatives to maintain balence of power of slaveholding states and free states.
  • Election of John Quincy Adams

    Election of John Quincy Adams
    This was the first election decided by the house of representatives after the passage of the twelfth amendment.
  • Erie Canal

    Erie Canal
    The United States wanted to create and improve transportation of the great barrior of the Appalation Mountains.The major goal was to link Lake Erie and the other Great Lakes with the Atlantic Coast. With this you could go through the canal as your transportation.
  • 1825 Cherokee Capital of New Echota founded

    1825 Cherokee Capital of New Echota founded
    The Cherokee national legislature established their own capital called New Echota.Their capital was located at the headwaters of the Oostanaula River.
  • Cherokee Constitution was written

    Cherokee Constitution was written
    The Cherokee wanted to be their own society like the United States. They wrote their own constitution modeled on theUnited States.
  • The election of Andrew Jackson

    The election of Andrew Jackson
    This election was the dirtiest election. He created the Democtratic partywhich was one of the best things he's done. People either loved him or hated him.
  • Tarrif of Abominations

    Tarrif of Abominations
    It was a protective tariff passed by the congress, to protect the industry of the Northern United States.
  • Gold is discovered in the Cherokee Nation triggering America's first gold rush

    Gold is discovered in the Cherokee Nation triggering America's first gold rush
    When gold was found in the Cherokee land, the whites poured into their nation.They went into their land ignoring any treaties they had, burning villeges, and flounted the U.S. constitution and the laws passes by congress. They basically took over the Cherokee land for gold.
  • Sauk removal

    The Sauk removal was disastorous for the indians. Some indians resisted to leave their home, but they ended up moving farther west.
  • Indian Removal Act

    Indian Removal Act
    Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act, which authorizing the president to grant unsettled lands west of the mississippi in exchange for indians lands within existing state boarders. Some indians went, and some resisted, but had to leave.When they had to leave their journey was called the Trail of Tears.
  • Cherokee Natione v Georgia

    Cherokee Natione v Georgia
    The Cherokee were not happy witht the laws that Georgia passed. The laws were very hateful towards the Cherokee nation. Over all of the fighting and arguing they ruled that Native American tribes are domestic dependent nations and not sovereign nations.
  • Nullification Crisis

    Was asectional crisis created by South Carolinas 1832 ordinance of nullification when Andrew Jackson was president. This ordinance declared the power of the state that the federal tariffs of 1828 and 1832 was unconstitutional.
  • Choctaw, Creek, and Chickasaw removal

    The Choctaw was the first nation to be relocated in 1832, they were forced to walk to Indian territory. The Creek resisted relocation in 1836. They had a battle of horseshoe bend in 1812. The Chickasaw was relocated in 1836, but negotiated to get money up front. They were smart.
  • Worchester v Virginia

    This dealt with state laws that were passed in the middle 1800's.
    It was with the cherokee tribe and the state governmen of virginia. It was about the Cherokee nations, and how people were residing without a lisence.
  • President Jackson Vetoes the 2nd National Bank of America

    Jackson removed all funds from the bank on September 10, 1833. People looked at this like he was abusing his presidential power.
  • Election of Martin Van Buren

    Election of Martin Van Buren
    It was a mistake to put Martin Van Buren in office. He put the U.S,. into the panic of 1837 and he was called "Martin Van Ruin."
  • Panic of 1837

    Panic of 1837
    It turned out to be the worste economic depression the nation has known. Martin Van Buren was elected president at the time,and after a month it all collasped.
  • Trail of tears

    Trail of tears
    The Cherokee was forced to give up their land East of the Mississippi river and move to a different location, which is present day Oklahoma. The trail of tears is the journy that was devistating bacause thousands of people died.
  • Second Seminole War

    Second Seminole War
    Alsoknown as the Florida War. Native Americans known as Seminoles were against the Untited States. It was the most expensive Indian War.