Indian Wars Timeline- Elasha L

By ElashaL
  • Powhatan Confederacy

    Powhatan Confederacy
    This war was in Virginia after a time of peace. This lasted for 12 years and left lots of colonists dead. The ones that were alive were left in victory.
  • Pequot War

    Pequot War
    This war was in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Because the death of a specific colonist, it led to the sacrifice of 600-700 natives. The rest of the colonist were sold into slavery.
  • King Phillip's War

    King Phillip's War
    This war was in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It was led by Phillip and he tried to drive out the settlers at Swansea. This led to slaughter and his death.
  • Pueblo Revolt

    Pueblo Revolt
    This revolt was led by the Pope, it was held in Arizona and New Mexico. There were some Indians who threw off the Spanish yoke and they lived alone for about 12 years. Eventually, the Spanish retook in 1692.
  • French and Indian War

    French and Indian War
    This led from 1689-1763 in Eastern Woodlands. It was a competition between France and Britain. They were fighting over who was going to own North America.
  • Tuscarora War

    Tuscarora War
    This was held in Northern Carolina. Tuscarora was under chief Hancock, they ambushed plenty of settlements. They were defeated 2 years later.
  • Yamasee War

    Yamasee War
    Held in Southern Carolina, when an Indian group led by the Yamasee almost knocked out the white settlement and their religion. It lasted for 3 years.
  • Pontiac's Conspiracy

    Pontiac's Conspiracy
    This was held at Ohio River Valley. It was when Pontiac and a large alliance moved out the British everywhere except Detroit. They eventually stopped to find food for the winter.
  • Lord Dummore's War

    Lord Dummore's War
    Held in Southern Ohio River Valley. Alert tribes went through lots of traders and settlers. Their governor sent out 3,000 solders and defeated 1,000 natives.
  • Old Northwest Warfare

    Old Northwest Warfare
    Led in Ohio and Indiana, after two embarrassing defeats by native warriors. Americans soon won victory after a man named "Mad Anthony" Wayne at the Battle of Fallen Timbers. This lasted for 4 years.
  • Battle of Tippecanoe

    Battle of Tippecanoe
    Led in Wabash and Tippecanoe rivers, India. There was a prophet who was kinfolk to a Shawnee chief "Tecumseh". They attacked an Indian territory.
  • Creek War

    Creek War
    Led in Georgia and Alabama. It was led under Andrew Jackson. They received a huge amount of land tract.
  • First Seminole War

    First Seminole War
    It lasted for about 2 years, in Florida. The Seminoles fought Andrew Jackson's force. They failed to subdue them but made Spain give back the territory.
  • Black Hawk War

    Black Hawk War
    Took place in Northern Illinois and Southwestern Wisconsin.It was led by Chief Black Hawk. It was unsuccessful.
  • Second Seminole War

    Second Seminole War
    From 1835-42, at Florida everglades. It was led under Chief Osceola, they were fighting for their land.
  • Navajo Conflicts

    Navajo Conflicts
    Lasted for 14 years in Arizona and New Mexico. There was constant fighting between the Navajo and American army.
  • Sioux Wars

    Sioux Wars
    Lasted for 36 years in Wyoming, Minnesota and South Dakota. It moved across the Mississippi into the Indians territory. They were fighting for hunting grounds.
  • Rogue River War

    Rogue River War
    Lasted for 1 year in Southwest Oregon. Indian people meant to start a war that would employ minors who unable to work because of the drought.
  • Third Seminole War

    Third Seminole War
    Lasted for 3 years in Florida Everglades under the Chief Billy Bowlegs. Later he and more were moved to Oklahoma with Indians.
  • Apache Attacks

    Apache Attacks
    Lasted for 39 years in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Mexico. There were hundreds of staged attacks on people until they finally surrendered in 1886... others in 1900.
  • Ute Wars

    Ute Wars
    Lasted for 3 years... then 10 years later reoccurred in Utah. The Utes stood against the whites because Mormons were taking over everything that belonged to them.
  • Modoc War

    Modoc War
    Lasted for a year in Northern California and Southern Oregon under Captain Jack who was hanged.
  • Red River War

    Red River War
    Lasted for a year in Northwestern Texas by William T. Sherman. He had a campaign that had more than 14 battles against several Indian Tribes who soon surrendered.
  • Battle of Rosebud

    Battle of Rosebud
    Led in Rosebud Creek, Southern Montana. 2 tribes under "Crazy House" turned back soldiers by General George Crook. All of their reinforcements got cut off.
  • Battle of the Little Bighorn

    Battle of the Little Bighorn
    Led in Southern Montana by George A. Custer with a clan of 250 solders that were wiped out during a fight.
  • Nez Perce War

    Nez Perce War
    Led in Oregon, Idaho, and Montana by Chief Joseph. He led them on a 1,700 mile retreat to Canada, there they gave up by the border.
  • The Wounded Knee Massacre

    The Wounded Knee Massacre
    Led in South Dakota after the killing of Sitting Bull and Big Foot. They took on the final battle Sioux but were trapped at Wounded Knee Creek.