6G's timeline

Timeline created by abauman
  • Jemma

    James Quinn migrated to Australia from Irland because he was needed to be put in a prison and there was no space in Irland
  • Abbey

    Great great great great great great great grandfather moved as a convict for stealing bread and was sent to Australia
  • Lucy's great great great gramperants

    came to Australia from England because they saw an oppertunity in Australia
  • Elyse's grandperants

    came as a convict to Australia because there were no more room for prisons
  • Lucy K Great grandpa

    Lucy K's great grandpa Clara from Ireland, came because he wanted to find his fortune in Ballarat! While in Australia he established 'W.Lowe and C.O' Now a national menswear shop called Lowes
  • Luxes moms grandmother

    Luxes moms grandmother
    Came from switzweland away from the war from a ship. she was only 18yrs old
  • Molly's Great grandma

    Moved from England to Australia
  • Laura's greatgrandfather

    Came from italy to find a better life. He travled by boat for 1 month non stop.
  • Emma's grandma

    Emma's grandma
    Came from Scottland to find food and oppertunities in Australia. she did not become a citerzin for another 15yrs
  • Katria's family

    Her family came from irland because her dad was in the Brittish navy and wanted to become a part in the Australian navy.
  • laura's grandparents

    Laura's grandad got a job in Australia came on a boat from Scottland for 6 weeks nonstop. they became a citizen in 2012
  • Alyssa's Greatgrandma

    she migratied from Wales to find a better life in Australia.
  • Charlottes Grandpa

    Came from China after getting married in Hong Kong. There were many more oppertunities
  • Raffs grandperents

    came from Italy because they were the right age and Australia was looking for workers.
  • Zara's grandma

    came from greece to get out of greece because it was a poor contry and wanted to find work
  • JAsmine v's Grandma

    Moved from Spain to France to Australia to find more oppertunities in another countries
  • Sophie's dad

    came to Australia because he had been living with his grandperents and wanted to start a new life
  • Chelsea's dad

    moved from South Africa to Australia because it was safer in Australia and there were more oppertunities. It took 2yrs before he became a citirzen
  • Miss Tobiansky

    moved to Australia because her dad wanted to not go the war. they were forcing her dad to go and work in the Army
  • Amy Bauman's dad

    moved to Australia from Canada. he was going to marry my mum and fet a job in another contrey
  • toni family

    because it was to unsafe and her perants wanted to move to australia
  • Kayla's family

    moved to Ausstralia because of the crime rate was rising
  • millies family

    moved to Australia because they wanted their children to grow up in Australia