Daniel's life

  • Period: to

    My life

  • Said first word

    This is when I said my first word
  • Began walking

    This is when I took my first steps
  • started elementry school

    I started elementry school at Eagolton Elementry
  • 9/11

    I remember watching the planes crash on tv while at school.
  • Mile High scholar

    In 3rd grade I recived the "Mile High Scholar Award" And met Mayor Hickenlooper
  • First pair of glasses

    I recived my first pair of glasses in the 6th grade
  • Started middle school

    Began middle school at Rishel Middle School
  • Broke my first bone(arm)

    I broke my arm while playing football for the first time.
  • Started Highschool

    Began High School at the Fred N. Thomas Career Education Center Middle Collgeg of Denver
  • Visited Yellowstone

    While on a summer trip to montana we stopped by to see beautiful gysers inside Yellowstone National Park