200 years of communication

  • battery

    count alessandro volta it changed communication by having almost anything that we use communcation for to have energy without the battery mostly everything would be plugged in a wall.
  • photograph

    joseph nicephore niepce changed by taking pictures and if you showed to to someone you would know what they are talking about.
  • microphone

    charles wheatstone changed communication by music, singing is way communcation telling how someone feels about something. That using the microphone who sends out waves so it echos for people to hear.
  • typewritier

    W.A Burt changed communication instead of writing down you can type, and this lead to keyboards.
  • Braille Printing

    Louis Braille it changed communication so people who cant see and maybe cant hear, can feel what your words or learn words so they can understand.
  • telegraph

    joseph henry it changed communication with fast communication of getting ahold of someone.
  • Morse Code

    Samuel Morse changed the way of writing
  • fax machine

    samuel morse it changed by not mailing the message bu faxing it going straight to them
  • pony express

    united states changed communication by sending out letters instead of talk to them in person. it changed from the present now we type on line.
  • traffic light

    J.P Knight changed communication on the toad by knowing who turn is it to go on the rodes.
  • telephone

    alexander grandbell it changed society of the way of imformation. talking to someone acrossed the world which was mainyl impossible...
  • moving picture

    Eadweard Muybridge turned into movies and tv shows, which shows commericails so help people communcate buy selling there product.
  • light bulb

    tomas alva edison changed communication by having electricity in the home. so every communication from computer and to a cell phone the light bulb made electicity for us to have those items.
  • radar

    Heinrich Herte radar changed communication by telling someone what is comming before its to late. so people are more alert now.
  • gramophone

    emile berliner
  • Lie Dictector

    James Mackenzie changed communication by knowing if someone is lying. instead of trying to figure out with they are telling the truth using the lie dictector will tell you in scratches.
  • Digital computer

    John Atanasuff, Clifford Berry instead of reading the newspaper you can go online and read things that happened, or get emails
  • post-it notes

    arthur fry sending little notes to a reminder to a person when they leave.
  • laser printer

    gary stalkweather instead of writing you can type it up and print it, making copys of what you have writen.