My Life

By 40979
  • My Birth

    I was born in Fort Collins CO.
  • My Parents Seperated

    Well i really dont know what happend but i do know that i have not seen him since, and as far as i'm concern it is the best thing.
  • got bit by a dog

    No one really knows why J.R. (the dog) attacked me but they think that he took my cookie and i wanted my cookie back so i went after him and tryed to get my cookie.
  • I broke My ankle

    My grandma and nino decided to surprise me on my birthday and I got excited when I saw them and tripped on a chair.
  • My mom died

    My mommy was driving on La vita pass and hit black ice and lost control of the car and died instanly they said.
  • Learned to ride a bike

    My grandpa taught me how to ride a bike, and the first time I rode on the street i ran into a tree,and my grandpa thought that it was kinda funny and has made fun of me since.
  • Went Camping For the first time and learned to fish

    I went camping and fishing for the first time with my Auntie ruby, Uncle Leroy,grandma,and my grandpa. When we went fishing the first time i threw my line i cought a big fish. I Also got to ride horses I had so much fun.
  • Court gave cutudy to my grandparents

    Well we went to court and they had to notify my dad but he never showed up sob they gave me to my grandparents
  • Changed my last name

    My last name was different from the rest of my family so i wanted to change it so we went to court again
  • Went to Disneyland

    I had never been to disneyland and my grandpa and grandma wanted me to have that experiance so they took me.
  • Got braces

    I went to the dentis they told me my teeth were bad and said i needed to get braces on.
  • Moved into a new home

    My grandma decided that we needed something smaller so we went looking around and finally found something we liked.
  • Got stiches

    I was putting away dishes when i dropped a glass it cut me on my pinki and on my wrist
  • Went to Elitches

    Going to Elitches was so much fun becasue it was the first time i had ever been there,and i had a blast