My life until now

  • The day I was born

    This is the day I was brought into the worl
  • My parents and I moved into a new house

    When we moved into this house it was kind of wierd because it was a new place.
  • Found and rescued a dog

    My family and I were in a campground and a stray black lab woundered into the campground and we have had her ever since then.
  • For christmas I recieved a new motorcycle

    When I walked into the living room and saw the key for the motorcycle I was so excited.
  • Left for the outer banks

    My family and i went to the outerbanks for a week, and while we were there my birthday pasted.
  • went on school trip to Virginia

    The schools chamber singers went to Virginia to compete in a singing compition.
  • The last day of seventh grade

    I was so excited to get out of school for the summer
  • I caught the biggest largemouth bass I've ever caught

    I Caught this largemouth in douglas lake tennessee
  • Got my first vechile

    On my birthday this year I recieved a 1984 chevroloet silverado.
  • First day of eighth grade

    When I entered school I was kind of nervous but everything turned out ok.