• Period: to

    My life(omar)

  • kicked somebody and got in trouble

    I didnt really care
  • Went to Medabruck elementary

  • Went to go visit my Garandma and Grandpa

  • Went to North Canton Elementary

  • Went to junalaska Elementary

    I was really really nervous
  • I met William Moore

  • Went back to North Canton Elementary

  • Stayed at North Canton for the summer

    It was fun
  • In fifth grade we went to the caverns

  • I graduated from fifth at the Colonoial Theater

    I got a medal
  • Came to Canton Middle School

    I was scared and nervous
  • tried out for chorus

    It was booooriiiiiing
  • Pased to 7th grade

    i was happy
  • Passed to 8th grade

    I was super happy I wasnt a little 6th grader anymore