• Birth

    I was born
  • Bryce was born

    Bryce was a miricale. He had a 1% chance of living and the Lord did a miricale
  • Start kindergarden

    started school
  • Period: to


    5 straight distric 5 titles
  • 1st grade

    started 1st grade, i had Mrs.Gibbs
  • 2nd grade

    My teacher was Mrs. Tucker
  • 3rd grade

    My teacher was Mrs.Fergisn
  • 4th grade

    I had Mrs.Cannon
  • 5th grade

    I had Mr.Hicks
  • 6th grade

    middle school
  • Made allstar basketabll team

    Got beat by 10
  • charelstin

  • 7th grade

    I had mrs. drury
  • world series

    The ripken experience summer slam event 3d place
  • braces

  • 8th grade