Sydney's Life

By sydels
  • Born

  • First Birthday

  • Second Birthday

  • Third Birthday

  • Fourth Birthday

  • Fifth Birthday

  • First Day of Kindergarden

  • Sixth Birthday

  • First Time I Went to Disney World and Universal Studios

  • First Day of 1st Grade

  • Seventh Birthday

  • First Day of 2nd Grade

  • Eighth Birthday

  • Went on my First Cruise

    Went to Cozumel,Mexico
  • Fisrt Time i Rode a Horse

  • First Day of 3rd Grade

  • Went to my First Concert

    Saw Kieth Urban and Gary Allen
  • Ninth Birthday

  • Got my First Cell Phone

  • Went on my Second Cruise

    Went to Bahamas and Mexico
  • First Day of 4th Grade

  • Tenth Birthday

  • First Day of 5th Grade

  • Got my First Blackberry Phone

  • Eleventh Birthday

  • Got my Own Horse

  • First Day of 6th Grade

  • Got my Second Blackberry Phone

  • Twelveth Birthday

  • Went to Washinton D.C.

  • Went to Universal Studios for the Second Time

  • Got my iPhone

    I got my iphone for my brother's birthday
  • First Day of 7th Grade

  • Thirteenth Birthday

  • Went on my Third Cruise

    Went to Jamaica and Grand Cayman
  • Got a Job at the Horse Stable

  • Joined the Marching Band

  • First Day of 8th Grade