research project (Nicola Milne)

By nicola
  • term3 week 5

    complete my proposel.and start research on the iner questions of my topic.
  • term 3, week 6

    begin to answer my iner questions, get as much relevent information as possibe.
    using books, magazines,youtube vidios and relevent internet sites.
  • term 3 , week 7

    find all the names and meanings of the mauri tatoos
  • term 3, week 8

    find impotrance of the creation of the traditional tattos
  • term 3 week 9

    start the power point.
  • term 3 week 10

    continue power point and reasearch
  • holidays

    start creation own mauri tatoo
  • holidays

    continue tatoo
  • term 4 week 1

    continue with the journal writing, intiview traditionl tatooist if possible
  • term 4 week 2

    annalyse the interview with tattooist and put relivent info into power point.
  • term 4 week 3

    complete my own tatoo creation and recieve feedback that I can use in my evaluation. start preparing for presentation.
  • term 4 week 4

  • term 4 week 5

    use my evaluation in my oral presentation for my final presentation.
    complete cue cards and practice.
    persentation week.