history of the internet

By fraser
  • packet switching

    packet switching
    packet switching was developed. developed for the military to send messages that were dificult to intercept and could withstand attack
  • birth of the internet

    birth of the internet
    dod research into networking
    unix used as a opperating system
  • email

    people communicate over the network developed by the dod using crude e-mail
  • international commnications

    international commnications
    first international communication over a network betweek england and norway, ethernet ideas and file transfer protocols developed
  • tpc and ip

    tpc and ip
    tpc and ip protocals developed
  • e-mail client

    e-mail client
    the first e-mail client that featured reply and forward functions
  • networking comes to many

    networking comes to many
    the queen sends an e-mail and unix is developed
  • email takes off

    email takes off
    e-mail expands and the internet takes off plus the first pc modem
  • bss

    bss or buliten bourd system
  • mud

    the first multiplayer game and internet discussion system
  • european networking

    european networking
    europe starts to connect via networking and external gateway protocols are made plus the first emoticon
  • unix

    unix is further developed and more desktop computers are made so that there is more acces to the internet and futher internet host creation
  • Dns

    more than 1000 internet servers. dns or the name of the website is made
  • protocol wars

     protocol wars
    protocol wars
  • nsfnet

    nsfnet was uppgraded to 1.5 mbps and internet chat was made
  • no of hostes

    no of hostes
    no of hostes tops 100 000 ant AOL is launched
  • dial up

    dial up
    first commercial dialup and isp
  • www

    early version of the www is develped
    text based and menu driven interface to use the internet
    first webpage and search engin
  • www

    WWW is developed and distributed and nsfnet is upgraded to 44.7 mbps
    MP3 becomes standard and the first webcam
  • multimedia

    term surfing the net is developed and the no of servers tops 1000000
  • .gov

    the gov sets up web pages and .gov and .org domain names
  • commercialisation

    3 million hosts, 10 000 www websites internet celebrates 25 years and bussinesses adopt the internet.
  • more commercialisation

    more commercialisation
    6.5 million hosts 100 000 www sites. JAVA and ActiveX comes along
  • web mail

    web mail
    first web mail service
  • expansion

    microsoft came along, 19.5 million hosts, 1 million www sites
  • GOOGLE!!!!!

    GOOGLE IS INVENTED and file sharing
  • wifi

    wifi becomes available
  • 20 million

    20 million
    20 million websites
  • Wiki

    wikipedia is launched
  • Skype

    skype is launched and VoIP goes main stream and my space
  • youtube

    youtube is launched
  • twiter

    twitter starts
  • itunes

    1 billion itunes downloads
  • the future

    the future
    the internet will dominate our lives and it will connect the world, from rejional napal to new york