Events in the Life of Megan

  • Period: to

    Prenatal development and birth

  • Conceived

  • born

  • Period: to

    Developmental Stage

  • recognition of parents voices

  • Grandmother started babysitting

  • started to hold my head up7

  • My first smile

  • Started turning my head toward sound

  • Started to pull myself up

  • my frist laugh

  • began rolling over

  • began forward and backward movement on hands and knees

  • began crawling

  • began standing by myself

  • took my first step

  • began preschool/ daycare

  • Grandma Sue died

  • began kindergarten at St. Marys

  • Period: to

    School years through high school

  • family trip to disney world

  • Grandma Faye died

  • Great grandma King died

  • Dog Misty was put down

  • choir trip to Disney

  • began High School at Divine Child

  • good friend was involved in a serious car accident

  • graduated from high school

  • Began college at U of M

  • Period: to

    College years

  • Grandpa Ed died suddenly

  • Started at Schoolcraft college

  • Transfer to Eastern Michigan University

  • graduate from EMU with teaching degree

  • Move into my new house

  • get a teaching job at Berger school

  • Travel to Australia

  • get married

  • Daughter Melissa Faye born

  • Son Gavin Matthew born

  • Daughter Madeline Rose born

  • mother passes away

  • father passes away

  • my death