Bhrugesh Patel

By ci4545
  • Date of Birth

    Born in Bhavnagar India
  • Period: to


    First starting to acknoledge i was being talked to.
  • Motor skills!

    started to crawl and move around,, being mobile
  • first steps!

    first steps!!
  • Baby Talk

    First words!
  • School

    Started Kindergarten
  • Moving

    Moved to the U.S. Currently resided in PA.
  • English as a second language

    First started to speak english and made a few friends!!
  • Moving

    Moved from PA to Plymouth MI
  • Period: to

    Back to homeland!

    Went back to visit family in India
  • First class at a college

    Took a advanced chemistry course at schoolcraft college
  • Period: to

    First Job!!

    Worked at A&F at 12 oaks
  • Graduation

    Graduated Highschool!
  • College!

    First year of College!!
  • Dissappointing news

    Best friend of 7 years moving to ohio with his family and attentding OSU for college
  • Important test date

    Takeing the MCAT!!!
  • Applying to grad school

    taking my education further and applying to medical school
  • Graduation gained a Bachlors!!

    Graduated wayne state univeristy with a bachlors of science in biopsychology!
  • Graduate school

    Hopefully start DO school at MSUCOM!
  • Working in the real world

    Graduating graduate school and getting a job in the "real world"
  • Period: to

    Sigificant other

    Get engaged/married during this stage
  • Period: to

    First Child

    stage of life to have children
  • "Midlife Crisis"/ Transition

    Midlife transition
  • Death

    From taking a personal life expectancy test online calculated my life expectancy to be 92 years of age.