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The Life Span of Mark Bores

  • I was Born

    I was Born
    I was delivered at Bon Secours Hospital in Grosse Pointe MI
  • Breast Fed From Birth

    My mom thinks that breast feeding is extremly healthy for a child and gives the child many great vitamins and immunities that fomula can not provide. I breast fed until I was 10 months old
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    The Start Of Life

  • First Solid Food

    First Solid Food
    pureed bananas and apples from scratch. My mother made most of my baby food. She hated the taste of baby food from a jar, and assumed I wouldnt like it much either.
  • First Word

    My first word was "ma-ma"
  • First Steps

    First Steps
    Took my first steps. My mom was in the kitchen and I walked around the corner to her. I had the biggest smile on my face, my mom said she thought I was plotting the perfect moment to walk
  • Coined the nickname "Sugarsmacks"

    Coined the nickname "Sugarsmacks"
    Was nicknamed sugar smacks for the way I smacked my lips together when I ate.
  • Sister was Born

    Sister was Born
    My sister Kristin was born two years after I was. We get along really well and we have a very close bond.
  • Fully Potty Trained

    Fully Potty Trained
    First time In big boy underpants!
  • Made first Childhood Friend

    Made first Childhood Friend
    New Neighbors moved in next to my parents house with a boy a year younger than I was. His name was David. We still remain in contact today.
  • Preschool, Hard time being away from Home

    Preschool, Hard time being away from Home
    I had a really hard time being away from home, and my mom for the first month at school. I enjoyed playing in the sandbox and playing tag with friends once I became more comfortable
  • Parents got Divorced

    Parents got Divorced
    I was five year old and in Kindergarden when my parents seperated
  • First Grade Play

    Was in the first glade play, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. I didn't have a part, just was apart of the chorus. :)
  • First Communion

    First Communion
    I felt like I was really grown up to be in a little suit!

    was the first in my class to memorize the entire times table.
  • Involved in first Team Sport

    Involved in first Team Sport
    tried out for roller hockey when I was 7
  • First PG-13 Movie

    First PG-13 Movie
    I saw The Mask, with Jim Carey. I thought I was really cool I got to see a PG-13 movie before most of my friends did
  • Got Glasses

    Got Glasses
    It was hard for me to adjust to me having glasses, especially since it wasnt the cool thing to have at the time.
  • Won my first medal for hockey

    Won my first medal for hockey
    It was the Little Ceasers hockey team, I won the MVP award for my age group and team
  • First Time I went out of the state for Hockey

    I went with the Belle Tire Hockey team on my first travel came to Canada for a tournament.
  • Puberty

    My body started to go through changes in 1998. It was a whole new time finding about all the changes your body goes through.
  • First Day of High shool

    First Day of High shool
    This was a really big transition for me. I went to a new high school and meeting new people was prety hard at first because I am very shy. However I think the move was a really good idea for me and starting on the Hockey Team in high school was a great way for me to make friends.
  • Homecoming

    Was my first time going to a school dance with a girl. It was really hard for me to stay calm during it since I am shy and didn't really know how to talk to girls then. I had a great time and it was a great learning experience.
  • Was exposed to drinking and smoking

    I knew about drinking and smoking but this was the first time I was ever invited to a part that older kids were at and they have booze and were smoking weed and cigerettes.
  • -Sophmore Year , Leaners permit

    -Sophmore Year , Leaners permit
    Was really exciting for me to get my permit. I love driving, and it was an exciting time for me. I really felt mature and grown up!
  • First time on Deans Honor Roll

    First time on Deans Honor Roll
    I was trying really hard to achieve good grades and this was a start of my perfect record.
  • 16th Birthday

    16th Birthday
    First car was a 2000 Tahoe, gold. It was the coolest care ever! It helped me get to and from all my hockey games and practice.
  • Started Dating

    Started Dating
    First girlfriend my Junior year of high school
  • Started Lifting Weights

    Started Lifting Weights
    As I started to come into my own I started lifting weights and really enjoying it.
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    Graduated with Honors, It was a very exciting time in mylife and alot of changes were starting.
  • Got accepted to play in the Juniors for Hockey in Ohio

    Got accepted to play in the Juniors for Hockey in Ohio
    This was a high honor to be invited to play in the Junior, hockey is such a huge passion of mine.
  • Got Accepted to Wayne State University

    Got Accepted to Wayne State University
    After finishing up in the NAHL I got accepted into Wayne State University.
  • Picked Major- Pre-Pharmeceutical

    Picked Major- Pre-Pharmeceutical
  • Started Dating My Girlfriend

    Started Dating My Girlfriend
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  • I pass away peacfully in my sleep

    I pass away peacfully in my sleep
    After many years I hope to pass in my sleep and in no pain or sickness
  • Move In with Girlfriend

    Move In with Girlfriend
    Taking the next step in our relationship is very important to us. It shows that we are both commited to each other.
  • Graduate Wayne States Pharmacy Program

    Graduate Wayne States Pharmacy Program
    This is a great achievment in my life and something I am very proud of.
  • Get Engaged

    Get Engaged
    Also a very happy day in our lives where we announce our engagement,.
  • Start Career in Pharmacy

    Start Career in Pharmacy
    I am very excited to finally get out in the field of medicine and help others and continue learning about pharmacy and helping others.
  • Wedding Day

    Wedding Day
    A huge step in the next chapter of our lives
  • Buy First House

    Buy First House
    Starting a family home is something very important to the both of us. We have been saving for a long time. It is finally a nice feeling to own something rather than renting always!
  • Have our first child

    Have our first child
    Welcoming a baby girl or boy into our family will be the happiest day of my life.
  • Second Child Is Born

    Second Child Is Born
    Another baby is blessing us with their love. Two very proud parents
  • Start Family Holiday Traditions

    Start Family Holiday Traditions
    The first of many traditions. I think traditions are very important and something that will be passed on, as well as maintained over the years with our children
  • Get Promoted

    Get Promoted
    Get a raise and get promoted as head phamacy rep.
  • Buy Bigger House

    Buy Bigger House
    With our family expanding I will need to buy a bigger house for us to comfotably live in.
  • third child is born

    third child is born
    The last of our family addition
  • Coach Childrens Hockey

    Coach Childrens Hockey
    I have always wanted to help coach my children in hockey.
  • Dad Passes away

    Dad Passes away
    Im assuming a very hard time in my life and something that is hard for me to deal with.
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    The Last bit of Life

  • Knee Replacement

    Knee Replacement
  • Only Grandson born

    Only Grandson born
    A proud grandfather I am!
  • Retire

    After many years of working it will be relaxing to have time to myself.
  • Pick up a new hobby

    Pick up a new hobby
    Once i'm reitred, I will need to pick up a hobby to take up some of my free time
  • Hard of Hearing

    Hard of Hearing
    Losing my hearing
  • Wife Passes away

    Wife Passes away
    One of the saddest days of my life
  • Mother Passes away

    Mother Passes away
    The hardest thing I have ever had to go through. Having support from my girlfriend and friends at that time was very helpful.