World War 1

By msalib
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    World War 1

  • 1st Divison were in Egypt

    The first Division were camped in the desert in Egypt for training purposes.
  • Austrian Prince Assassinated

    Austrian Crown Prince, Franz Ferdinand and his wife was assassinated on this day in Sarajevo, Serbia.
  • War declared

    Austria declared war on Serbia and all the alliances were dragged in.
  • Germany invades Belgium

    On this day Germany invaded Belgium to attack France.
  • Britain declares war on Germany

    Britaik declares war on Germany
  • 20,000 Australian men needed

    The Prime Minister placed navy under command of British Admiralty and said 20,000 men to be sent overseas. within 6 weeks.
  • Opposing armies dig into Trenchlines

    The opposing armies started to dig themselves into Trenchlines that stretched across nothern France.
  • 5000 Troops March in Melbourne

    5000 troops were marching in the streets of Melbourne.
  • Troops go to Western Australia

    The troops sail from Melbourne and Sydeny to Western Australia to meet with New Zealand forces.
  • Troops go off to War

    The troops in November finally go to War with New Zealand Forces and 38 fleet ships.
  • 1st Division Camped out in Egypt

    On this day the first divison of soldiers were camped out in the desert only a few kilometres from Cairo