My Life as a Subject of Education

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  • 19th Amendment Ratified

    Women were finally granted the right to vote in 1920. If this constitutional amendment had never passed, I would not be able to vote and voice my opinion in politics. Since education and politics are intertwined, not being able to vote would mean that I wouldn't be able to have any say in legislation passed regarding education in this country.
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  • Supreme Court and private schools

    In the case Pierce v. Society of Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, the Supreme Court overturned a law in Oregon that forced children to attend public schools only. This case is important for me because my parents had the choice to send me to Catholic schools instead of public schools thanks to this Supreme Court ruling.
  • St. Joseph Academy becomes all-girls school

    St. Joseph Academy becomes all-girls school
    Prior to the mid 1930s, St. Joe's was a Catholic school with both male and female students. If St. Joe's were still co-ed today, I'm almost positive that my mom would not have insisted that I attend the school. The fact that I attended an all-girls Catholic high school has made me who I am today.
  • Grandma Smith graduates from O.S.U.

    Grandma Smith graduates from O.S.U.
    My maternal grandmother graduates from Ohio State with a degree in Education. She goes on to teach Home Economics at a school in Columbus until she has children.
  • Children's Television Workshop

    The Children's Television Workshop was organized in 1968. One of its main goals was to create public programming which would prepare pre-school children for formal schooling. The Workshop created Sesame Street, and its first episode aired in 1969. Citation: Spring, 411
  • Dad graduates from Upper St. Clair High School

    My dad graduates from Upper St. Clair High School in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Mom graduates from St. Joseph Academy

    My mom graduates from an all-girls Catholic high school in Columbus. Her education there influences her to send me to an all-girls Catholic high school in Cleveland.
  • Mom graduates from O.S.U.

    My mom graduates with a degree in both Education and Dental Hygiene. She decides to pursue Dental Hygiene as a career.
  • My Birth in Columbus, OH

    I was the last child born to my parents on July 22 and the only daughter.
  • Dad graduates from Miami University

    Dad graduates from Miami University
    My dad completes his last class required to get his Bachelor's in Zoology shortly after I was born. He does not pursue a career in Zoology as he intended, but instead goes into sales.
  • Brother Jack diagnosed with a developmental delay

    One of my older brothers, Jack, is diagnosed with a developmental delay. He is not diagnosed with Autism formally until he attends school in North Royalton.
  • Peer role model at Nisonger Center at O.S.U.

    Peer role model at Nisonger Center at O.S.U.
    I acted as a role model for children with developmental disabilities at the Nisonger Center at Ohio State, where my brother was receiving help at the time for his own developmental disability.
  • Sesame Street

    Sesame Street
    I begin watching Sesame Street regularly when I'm around 5 years old. Even though I can't say now how much I actually learned from watching the show, I have fond memories of watching it and remember feeling like I was interacting with the characters while watching it.
  • Kindergarten

    I attended two different public schools (due to moving) in Columbus for Kindergarten. This was the only year I attended a public school in my educational career.
  • Our Lady of Peace Elementary School

    Our Lady of Peace Elementary School
    I attend Our Lady of Peace in Columbus from 1st to 3rd Grade. My oldest brother Jeffrey was in 7th Grade there at the time, and my mom also went to grade school there.
  • Family moves to North Royalton

    Family moves to North Royalton
    The company my dad works for transfers him to Cleveland, so my family has to move to North Royalton. Growing up in the Cleveland area will shape much of my formative years as a subject of education.
  • 4th Grade at Holy Family

    4th Grade at Holy Family
    After moving to North Royalton, I start 4th Grade at Holy Family Elementary School in Parma. I was considered the outsider because almost all the other students had gone to school together since 1st grade, and I had a hard time making good friends. Image source:
  • High school at St. Joseph Academy

    I start my freshmen year at the all-girls Catholic high school in Cleveland, St. Joseph Academy. My mom wanted me to go to an all-girls school, so I did not have any choice in the decision to attend St. Joe's.
  • First Spanish Class

    I take my first Spanish class, Spanish I, my freshmen year of high school, and I am immediately hooked on the language.
  • Junior shadowing

    At St. Joe's, we are required to shadow a professional in a career we are interested in for a week. I decide to shadow a lawyer for a week because at the time I was thinking about a career in law, but realize quickly that it is not a career I would like to pursue in the future.
  • Mark decides to attend John Carroll

    Mark decides to attend John Carroll
    My boyfriend Mark decides to attend JCU for college in the fall of 2004. I would be a liar if I said his decision to attend JCU did not influence my decision to attend the university!
  • First opportunity to vote

    First opportunity to vote
    I voted in the presidential election of 2004 for the first time. This showed me that I have a voice in the political system of the U.S. I voted for the candidate who my mother voted for, so I based the decision off of her political views, which I agreed with at the time. Image source:
  • High school graduation

    High school graduation
    I graduate from St. Joe's with a 4.1 GPA and I plan to major in Psychology at John Carroll University.
  • Undergraduate work at John Carroll

    Undergraduate work at John Carroll
    I move into the dorms at John Carroll. I decide to major in Psychology and possibly major in Spanish as well.
  • Study abroad in Madrid, Spain

    Study abroad in Madrid, Spain
    I study abroad in Madrid for the fall semester of my junior year at JCU. I live with a host family who speaks no English at all. My Spanish skills greatly improve and this experience solidifies my love of Spanish as well as the desire to pursue it as a career.
  • Job as a respite provider at Berea Children's Home

    I start to work as a respite provider at Berea Children's Home. I work one-on-one with a child with emotional problems and take her out into the community once a week to engage in positive activities, such as volunteering. This experience teaches me the importance of being a good role model for children.
  • Decision to pursue a career in Education

    At the beginning of my senior year at JCU, I decide that Psychology is not the right field for me and that I would like to teach Spanish. I start the process of looking into graduate schools that offer both teaching licensure and M.Ed. programs.
  • Historic presidential election

    Historic presidential election
    I vote for the candidate who I think is best based on my own political views instead of those of my mother's. I realize that my political views have changed drastically since I first voted in 2004. Image source:
  • Graduation from JCU

    Graduation from JCU
    I graduate from John Carroll magna cum laude with a B.S. in Psychology.
  • Job interview with Spanish with Elena LLC

    I have my first interview with a small company that trains teachers to teach Spanish to kindergarteners and first graders. I am not offered the job because even though my Spanish skills are good, I do not have enough teaching experience for the job.
  • Graduate school at JCU

    I begin the Initial Licensure M.Ed. program at JCU. I am glad that I decided to major in both Psychology and Spanish because it meant that I had almost all of my content area courses completed.
  • Observation hours with Miss Fruscella

    I do my first observation hours with Spanish teacher Laura Fruscella at North Royalton High School. I am inspired by the way she teaches and this experience shows me that teaching is the right field for me.